Nikon’s High-Volume Manufacturing Advances Velodyne Lead in Global Lidar Sensor Market

The Alpha Puck by Velodyne Lidar

News that Velodyne Lidar has teamed with Nikon Corporation to manufacture lidar sensors for Velodyne attracted widespread attention.

In a news release on its website, Nikon stated that “Sendai Nikon Corporation, a Nikon subsidiary, will manufacture lidar sensors for Velodyne and plans to start mass production in the second half of this fiscal year.”

In covering the news, an article at Roadshow on CNET by Andrew Krok quoted Marta Hall as saying:

“It is our goal to produce lidar in the millions of units with manufacturing partners such as Nikon. Working with Nikon, an expert in precision manufacturing, is a major step toward lowering the cost of our lidar products.”

The Roadshow coverage was also the lead story on CNET AutoComplete news of the day.

In a story on FutureCar, Eric Walz noted “lidar has become an essential technology for driverless vehicles.” In addition to building lidar sensors for the automotive industry, Walz wrote, “Velodyne will leverage Nikon’s mass manufacturing expertise as demand increases for lidar in other fields, including robotics, security, mapping, agriculture, and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).”

Velodyne’s news release on its manufacturing agreement with Nikon can be found on YAHOO! Finance.

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