Media Showcases How Velodyne Providing Lidar Technology to Optimus Ride

Optimus Ride operates self-driving vehicles that provide passenger transportation at low speeds within defined, geofenced areas such as planned communities, campuses and self-driving zones in cities.

In, Simon Warburton wrote an article on how Optimus Ride will use Velodyne Lidar sensors in its fleet of self-driving vehicles. The story quotes Optimus Ride CEO and co-founder Ryan Chin saying:

“Velodyne’s sensors provide powerful lidar solutions that help us ensure our self-driving vehicles are the smartest and safest on the road today. For Optimus Ride to operate a fleet at SAE Level 4 requires significant sophistication, intelligence, range and resolution. Velodyne’s technology meets these high standards.”

Steve Crowe, writing an article in The Robot Report, noted Optimus Ride is testing vehicles in Massachusetts and New York, and the company will soon be testing in California and Virginia. In his story, he quoted Velodyne Lidar President and CCO Mike Jellen saying:

“The Optimus Ride fleet showcases how Velodyne’s intelligent lidar sensors are helping companies place autonomous vehicles on the road today. Optimus Ride has an ingenious approach to providing people with access to efficient and convenient self-driving mobility – effectively solving the first- and last-mile problem.”

Among the other media that posted the news were: Autonomous Vehicle International, Digital Journal, EV Talk, FM Link, LEDinside and Power Transmission Engineering.

Keep an eye on the progress of Optimus Ride as its advances its mission to transform mobility.

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