Lidar Sensors Key to Vehicle Autonomy and Safety

In advance of his featured presentation at the Autonomous Vehicle Test & Development Symposium in Stuttgart, Germany next month, Dr. Mircea Gradu, Velodyne’s Sr. Vice President Quality and Validation, was interviewed by the conference organizers. Gradu discussed the development process of an automotive-grade lidar sensor and the role these sensors can play in automotive safety.

In the interview, Gradu commented on the role lidar can play in advanced driver assistance, noting:

“Lidar-centric automated vehicle systems present a tremendous opportunity to improve safety. A recent Velodyne white paper concluded that an ADAS system designed around one forward-facing lidar sensor could prevent 90% of the crashes not currently addressed by ADAS technologies. Such an improvement would save thousands of lives and avoid massive spending to address total societal harm.”

Gradu closed the interview by reviewing the challenges ahead for automated vehicle sensors and how Velodyne and the industry are working to address them.

If you are attending the Autonomous Vehicle Test & Development Symposium on May 21, be sure to attend Gradu’s session at 16:35.

The complete interview can be read HERE

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