Lidar Poised to Enter the Automotive Mass Market

Marta Hall speaking at CES 2019

Autonomous vehicles are the next big thing for the automotive industry with lidar technology seen as an essential component to making this happen.

iMicronews featured an in-depth interview story with Marta Hall, Velodyne’s President & Chief Business Development Officer, that explored how lidar is poised to enter the automotive mass market.

The interview, conducted by Alexis Debray and Pierrick Boulay, Market and Technology Analysts for Yole Développement, looked at autonomous driving and lidar, and what the future of Velodyne will hold.

In the article, Hall discussed how Velodyne intends to maintain lidar market leadership:

“Velodyne is the highest-volume supplier of lidar sensors to the automotive industry with more than 250 customers globally. Our robust solution portfolio meets the entire range of lidar needs for autonomy and driver assistance – and we are committed to driving innovation to strengthen this leadership position. David Hall first deployed vehicle software in 2004 as part of the DARPA Challenges. Over the last 15 years, we have continued to add intelligence to our sensors, enabling a variety of lidar sensing capabilities that allow our customers to detect more objects and offer cars a more detailed view of their surroundings.”

Yole Développment expects autonomous driving to have a major impact on lidar, making it an important technology to watch going forward.

The complete interview with Hall can be read HERE

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