Lidar Makes it Easy to Build Accurate 3D Models of Any Environment

The Puck by Velodyne Lidar used on a backpack by Green Valley International

Mobile mapping and surveying are seeing a growing number of systems adding lidar technology to drones, backpacks, and all-terrain vehicles (ATV) to build new applications.

Frank Bertini, UAV and Robotics Business Manager at Velodyne Lidar, was interviewed by and discussed how lidar can be used for mobile mapping and aerial surveying. In the interview, Bertini outlined which Velodyne products are most suitable for these applications:

“Velodyne’s original HDL-32 is still the most accurate 3D lidar sensor available on the market today. With a range of 100m and accuracies down to 1.2cm on each of its 32 laser channels, the sensor is a great choice for the professional surveyor. The sensor takes in a huge swath of data, close to 1 million points per second, which reduces the time to complete large acreage surveying jobs. Velodyne also offers the economical VLP-16-LITE. At just 590 grams, it is a great choice for lighter weight and lower cost drones and UAVs. The extra-long range VLP-32 is also an option.”

Expect to see lidar technology deployed in an increasing array of applications such as city asset management and power line management.

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