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Lidar was called “the key technology to enable both full driving autonomy as well as safe driver assistance” in a Frost & Sullivan white paper.

Matt McFarland of CNN Business wrote a story about the industry’s continuing conversations on the role of sensor technologies – lidar, cameras and radar – in self-driving vehicles and cars with advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), spurred by Tesla CEO Elon Musk comments dismissing the need for lidar.

The article discussed fatal accidents involving Tesla cars, which are not equipped with lidar. In both incidences, the cars crashed into tractor-trailers that were turning in front of the Tesla vehicles.

One independent expert commenting in the story was John Dolan, a professor at the Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Institute, who said in the article:

“The system would be better and have higher reliability if it included lidar. It’s definitely going to see a large truck or vehicle that’s crossing in front of you.”

Commenting on Musk’s remarks, Velodyne Lidar President & CBDO Marta Hall said, “I like Elon, I like his spirit and I relate to his passion. But I don’t like the irresponsible talk.”

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