Bay Area TV Station Interviews Velodyne and MADD on Autonomous Vehicle Technology Partnership

Autonomous vehicle technology has the potential to deliver many societal benefits including a reduced number and severity of crashes, and a safe transportation option when drivers are impaired or tired.

The partnership between Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) and Velodyne Lidar is a public education effort across the country on the safety benefits of autonomous vehicle (AV) technology.

This partnership was the focus of a TV interview conducted by Michelle Griego of KBCW with Natasha Thomas, MADD Northern California Executive Director, and Sally Frykman, Velodyne’s Vice President of Communications.


During the interview, Frykman noted that one initiative where MADD and Velodyne are partnering is the World Safety Summit on Autonomous Technology. She discussed how the summit focuses on public education to advance AV technology, including understanding the essential components of AVs and AV safety standards and regulations. The summit also looks at public acceptance (or the lack thereof) of AV technology and how can acceptance be pushed forward.

Public acceptance of autonomous technology is an important element to its future success so it can achieve its fullest potential, which is saving lives.

RSVP for the World Safety Summit HERE.

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