How Forward-Looking Lidar Improves ADAS

An advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS) with forward-looking lidar has the potential to deliver lifesaving and cost-saving benefits.

In part 2 of a 3-part article series in SAE Mobilus, Velodyne Lidar experts Dr. Mircea Gradu, Senior Vice President of Quality and Validation, and David Heeren, Senior Technical Marketing Manager, explored current ADAS strategies and how adding one directional lidar sensor can contribute to the prevention of forward-facing crashes.

The article discusses how:

“Lidar technology is inherently superior to camera and radar in certain performance aspects that are crucial for avoiding forward collisions and which support a move within the industry to implementing lidar as a crucial sensor for ADAS applications.”

Data from a lidar sensor provides a key building block of ADAS: accurate free-space detection. Lidar uses precise distance measurements of surrounding objects to map areas where it is safe for a vehicle to drive.

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