How Autonomous Vehicles Perceive and Navigate Their Surroundings

Fully autonomous vehicles (AVs) use sensor technologies to detect their surroundings and plan a path to the desired destination.

An article by Velodyne CTO Anand Gopalan and Sally Frykman, Velodyne’s Vice President of Communications, in Embedded Advisor magazine explored how AVs use sensor technologies, such as lidar, to gain immediate object and free space detection for safe navigation.

In examining sensor technologies, the article notes:

“Lidar provides high-resolution, three-dimensional information about a surrounding environment. Unlike radar, lidar provides much higher resolution computer perception data, enabling accurate object detection. Unlike cameras, lidar provides accurate depth perception, with distance accuracy of a few centimeters, making it possible to precisely localize the position of the vehicle on the road and detect available free-space for the vehicle to navigate.”

These sensor technologies provide a constant flow of information that is fed into an AV’s onboard computer system, which decides the safest way to navigate safely within its surroundings.

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