Forbes Covers Velodyne Lidar’s Mapper Acquisition

The combination of Velodyne lidar hardware and emerging software capabilities is poised to revolutionize advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) performance and safety.

In an article in Forbes Magazine, Liane Yvkoff wrote that Velodyne Lidar acquired mapping and localization software as well as intellectual property assets from Mapper technology gives Velodyne access to some key algorithmic elements and accelerates the company’s ADAS development timeline.

Yvkoff wrote “lidar is considered by many to be superior to camera and radar technology at detecting objects in the dark, at long distances, and in all weather conditions.”

The article noted:

Velodyne “believes that the many of the accidents caused by driver error can be avoided if vehicles are equipped with forward facing lidar sensors, which provide accurate measurement of objects on the road. Coupling detection capability with GPS information could improve safety even more.”

Velodyne sees the combination of its sensors and software as enabling powerful lidar-based safety solutions that can be available on every vehicle.

To review the Forbes article, please see: With Acquisition Of, Velodyne Hastens Its Move Beyond Hardware.

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