Electronic Design Coverage: Velodyne Powers Autonomous Street Sweepers in China

While lidar technology in self-driving cars garners much attention, the technology supports several vehicle applications including street sweepers.

Murray Slovick of Electronic Design wrote an article on a street cleaning vehicle from Idriverplus, called “Viggo,” which is an unmanned, purely electric solution that intelligently sweeps roads.

The article notes:

“Velodyne Lidar sensors are being used in all Idriverplus self-driving vehicles. They deliver the data that allows real-time object and free-space detection needed for safe navigation and reliable operation.”

Velodyne Lidar has strategically teamed with Idriverplus to help their efforts in mass production of commercial autonomous vehicles, which include passenger cars and logistics vehicles – in addition to the Viggo street cleaner.

Lidar is seen as indispensable technology in a growing array of applications.

To read the complete Electronic Design story, please go here: https://www.electronicdesign.com/automotive/autonomous-sweepers-keep-roads-clean-major-chinese-cities

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