Benefits of ADAS with Lidar Technology

Lidar technology can enable significant advances in driver assistance.

In part 1 of a 3-part article series in SAE Mobilus, Velodyne Lidar experts Dr. Mircea Gradu, Senior Vice President of Quality and Validation, and David Heeren, Senior Technical Marketing Manager, explored how adding a directional lidar sensor in an advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS) can contribute to the prevention of forward-facing vehicle crashes.

The article outlines how an:

“ADAS system designed around one forward-facing lidar sensor could prevent 90% of the crashes not currently addressed by ADAS technologies. Such an improvement would prevent $325 billion in total societal harm (90% of $362 billion). Achieving this benefit by equipping each of the 288 million vehicles registered in the US in 2016 with a high-performance directional lidar would represent a starting value of approximately $1,100 per unit.”

The addition of lidar to ADAS has the potential to provide essential intelligence to detect more objects and offer cars a more detailed view of their surroundings to maximize roadway safety. 

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