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Velodyne Lidar – Baidu News Garners Extensive Media Coverage
Oct 27, 2020 | By Velodyne Lidar
Velodyne Lidar's Alpha Prime Sensor

The Velodyne Lidar news of a three-year sales agreement with Baidu for Alpha Prime™ lidar sensors gained considerable media attention.

A story in Automotive World included how Alpha Prime sensors “will be utilized for autonomous applications.” The article noted “Velodyne’s low-cost, high-scale manufacturing delivers attractive pricing for Baidu and its Apollo partners.”

An Auto Futures story by Adrian Smith quoted Yaoming Shen, Sr. Optical Engineer, Baidu, saying:

“In fulfilling our intelligent driving mission, Baidu works with innovation leaders like Velodyne to bring a safe, efficient autonomous driving experience to everyone.”

Eric Walz, writing a post in FutureCar, quoted Wei Weng, Executive Director of Asia, Velodyne Lidar, saying:

“Velodyne greatly values our relationship with Baidu, a strategic business partner and investor, and we are deeply committed to our combined work in the Chinese market. They are a trailblazer of intelligent driving technology and deployment, and their accomplishments and influence span global markets. Alpha Prime provides safe, efficient navigation for autonomous vehicles.”

Other media outlets that covered the Velodyne/Baidu news include: Associated Press, AutoBeat Daily, Automotive News, Highways Today, Just Auto and Lidar News.

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