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Media Coverage on Velodyne’s Lidar Sensor for Autonomous Mobile Robotics and Last-Mile Delivery
Dec 17, 2020 | By Velodyne Lidar

The COVID-19 pandemic has driven up the usage of online shopping and delivery services for food, medications, and consumer and commercial products. This demand is boosting online shopping and the use of delivery services, increasing interest in mobile robotic delivery applications.

Velodyne Lidar’s Velarray M1600 is an innovative solid state lidar sensor designed to serve mobile robotic applications.
Velodyne Lidar’s Velarray M1600 is an innovative solid state lidar sensor designed to serve mobile robotic applications.

The Robot Report posted a story on the launch of Velodyne’s Velarray M1600, an innovative solid state lidar sensor for autonomous mobile robotics and last-mile delivery. The article quoted Velodyne Lidar CEO Anand Gopalan saying:

“The Velarray M1600 lidar sensor is the latest proof point for Velodyne’s innovation track record. The sensor was designed for high-volume mobile robotic applications, with direct input from robotics and last-mile delivery customers.”

Sarah Simpson wrote an Unmanned Systems Technology story that mentioned the Velarray M1600 enables “touchless mobile and last-mile delivery robots to operate autonomously and safely, without human intervention.”

Look for the Velarray M1600 to enable robots to safely navigate crowded urban areas and corridors for delivery and security applications. Other environments in which the sensor will support autonomous mobile robot operation include warehouses, retail centers, industrial plants and medical facilities.

Other media that covered the news included Auto Connected Car News, Electronics 360 and Novus Light Technologies Today.

To review The Robot Report story, please go to Velarray M1600 designed by Velodyne Lidar for mobile robots, delivery vehicles.

To see the Unmanned Systems Technology article, please go to Solid State Lidar Announced for Robotics.

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