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Velodyne Expert On How Lidar-Based V2X Communication Can Improve Road Safety
Mar 23, 2022 | By Velodyne Lidar

Alexander Montag of Velodyne contributed an article to E-Mobility Technology International magazine (Vol. 11, Spring 2022) on how lidar-based smart infrastructure integrated with connected and autonomous vehicles can deliver game-changing improvements in roadway efficiency and safety.

e-mobility technology Volume 11 - Velodyne Lidar

The article discusses how In many countries, local governments view Vehicle to Everything (V2X) technology as offering great promise to help reduce road fatalities. To date, much of the V2X focus has been on communication between vehicles to exchange information that can help determine the risk of crashes so drivers can take early evasive actions, if needed.

To fully realize the safety benefits of V2X, Alexander writes:

“This communication needs to extend beyond vehicles to include infrastructure and pedestrians using the same roadways. In doing so, V2X can provide the critical data needed to improve traffic and protect vulnerable road users.”

The article notes “a lidar-based traffic monitoring system is a great solution” to address this market need. The system can use V2X communication to provide “real-time data and warning signals to affected vehicles.”

Alexander discusses how our traffic monitoring system – Intelligent Infrastructure Solution (IIS) – will bring the next level of safety improvement, performing real-time risk measurements to warn drivers about upcoming issues from urban blind spots. He discusses the tremendous value IIS brings, writing:

“In doing so, it will move V2X forward in tackling one of the most challenging and pervasive infrastructure problems that cities face – how to improve traffic flows and safeguard road users.”

As the article states, lidar-based systems like Intelligent Infrastructure Solution can help create a more sustainable, safer future for transportation. Click here to read the full article.

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