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News Coverage: Velodyne Adds Mapper’s Software to Advance Lidar-Centric ADAS
Jul 29, 2019 | By Velodyne Lidar

Lidar can enhance advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) by delivering perception data that provides real-time free space detection in all light conditions.

Velarray™ is the first solid-state Velodyne lidar sensor that is embeddable and fits behind a windshield, as an integral component for superior, more effective ADAS.

Eric Walz wrote an article in FutureCar about the news that Velodyne Lidar acquired high-definition mapping and localization software, as well as intellectual property assets from Mapper technology will enable Velodyne to accelerate development of Vella™, a groundbreaking advanced driver assistance solution that builds upon the directional view Velarray sensor.

In discussing Velodyne technology in the FutureCar story, Dr. Nikhil Naikal, founder and CEO of Mapper, said:

“Velodyne has both created the market for high-fidelity automotive lidar and established itself as the leader. We have been Velodyne customers for years and have already integrated their lidar sensors into easily deployable solutions for scalable high-definition mapping.”

In a story on the Mapper news, Gilbert Shar of Auto Connected Car News, quoted Velodyne CTO Anand Gopalan saying:

“The goal in the automotive market is to make transportation safer. By adding Vella software to our broad portfolio of lidar technology, Velodyne is poised to revolutionize ADAS performance and safety.”

Mapper’s entire leadership and engineering teams will join Velodyne, bolstering the company’s large and growing software development group. An Automotive World story, quoted Gopalan discussing this move:

“Expanding our team to develop Vella is a giant step towards achieving our goal of mass producing an ADAS solution that dramatically improves roadway safety. Mapper technology gives us access to some key algorithmic elements and accelerates our development timeline. Together, our sensors and software will allow powerful lidar-based safety solutions to be available on every vehicle.”

Other media outlets that wrote about the Mapper news include Autonomous Vehicle InternationalAutonomous Vehicle TechnologyGreen Car CongressLED Inside and The Robot Report.

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