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Media Highlights Launch of Automated with Velodyne Program
Apr 21, 2020 | By Velodyne Lidar

Integrators are playing an important role in commercializing next generation autonomous solutions that use lidar technology.

Automated with Velodyne Log in front of photos of Partner Logos and Applications Photos for Using Lidar Sensors
Introducing Automated with Velodyne, Velodyne Lidar’s Integrator Ecosystem

Lidar News posted a story on the introduction of the Automated with Velodyne program, where Velodyne helps integrators by supporting and promoting innovation that uses Velodyne lidar sensors, and creating lasting customer and business relationships.

The article quoted Vikrant Aggarwal, President of Local Motors, saying:

“We’re constantly improving the passenger experience within Olli. Our manufacturing model enables us to test and add the latest and greatest technology such as Velodyne’s lidar solutions. Their team was instrumental in providing safety-inspired, breakthrough lidar technology to ensure our passengers have the best mobility experience possible. In being a part of the Automated with Velodyne program, we are able to work collaboratively with the Velodyne team for global promotional efforts.”

Another story – in Yahoo! Finance – noted the Automated with Velodyne program currently has close to 40 partners. The article quoted Jon Barad, Velodyne’s vice president of business development, saying:

“In this new era of autonomy, we are seeing exciting new uses of our lidar every day. These innovations have the potential to improve peoples’ lives in so many ways, including in efficiency, access to products and services, and safety. We are committed to working closely with this wonderfully diverse ecosystem to not only help deliver high-quality solutions, but to also support their business growth.”

Other media that covered this news include aftermarketNews, Automotive World, Geospatial World and Unmanned Systems Technology.

Keep an eye on the integrator community as they continue to use Velodyne’s lidar technologies to build industry solutions in a variety of application areas. These include advanced driver assistance (ADAS), autonomous vehicles, mapping, industrial, smart city, drone/unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), robotics and security.

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