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Media Coverage on How Velodyne’s Lidar Will Power Autonomous Vehicles at Major Seaport to Support Seaport Terminal Operations
Jul 16, 2020 | By Velodyne Lidar

Autonomous solutions, equipped with lidar technology, can lower costs in seaport terminal operations by helping to bring improved equipment and vehicle reliability and predictability.

DGWorld's AITV, powered by Velodyne's lidar sensors, supporting seaport terminal operations at DP World's Jebel Ali Port
DGWorld’s AITV, powered by Velodyne’s lidar sensors, supporting seaport terminal operations at DP World’s Jebel Ali Port

Port Technology International posted a story on how Velodyne Lidar and Rajant Corporation, an Automated with Velodyne partner, are working to equip DP World’s Jebel Ali Port, the world’s ninth busiest seaport, with a fleet of DGWorld’s Autonomous Internal Terminal Vehicles (AITVs).

The article notes:

Velodyne Puck sensors will provide rich computer perception data to help determine the safest way to navigate and direct AITVs in the complex, busy DP World, UAE Region seaport.”

American Journal of Transportation also wrote an article on the news which quoted Velodyne’s Erich Smidt as saying:

“Velodyne is honored to be selected to help fully automate terminal vehicle transport at Jebel Ali Port, the premier port in the Middle East. This exciting initiative will enable port terminal vehicles to work fully autonomously without drivers in a hectic, crowded environment.”

Other media outlets that covered the DP World – DGWorld seaport deployment include Automotive World, Container Management and Ship Technology.

To read the Port Technology International story, please go to: Rajant Corporation and Velodyne Lidar to support port-wide autonomy at Jebel Ali.

To see the complete American Journal of Transportation post, please go to: Rajant and Velodyne Lidar support portwide autonomy for DGWorld’s ITVs at DP World’s largest port.

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