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Velodyne Expert Discusses How Lidar Enables Mobile Robot Versatility and Efficiency
Jan 27, 2022 | By Velodyne Lidar

Nandita Aggarwal of Velodyne Lidar Discusses Lidar Technology in Robotics

A Robotics Tomorrow story features a conversation with Nandita Aggarwal, a Senior Lidar Architect at Velodyne Lidar, on lidar and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs).

The article looks at the benefits of integrating advanced 3D lidar technology in robotics applications. It reviews how lidar provides an essential component for robotic autonomy and navigation. The story quotes Nandita saying:

“Advanced 3D lidar, like Velodyne’s sensors, boosts the rapidly expanding autonomous robotics industry by providing real-time 3D perception data for localization, mapping, object classification and object tracking. The sensors provide the opportunity to increase AMRs’ abilities to monitor and respond to their changing surroundings in both indoor and outdoor applications.”

The story reviews the markets that are a strong fit for lidar-based AMR solutions. Nandita mentions warehouses, farmland, restaurants, retail stores, factories, and hospitals as applications where AMRs will work independently in defined areas. She adds more dynamic scenarios include construction sites, ports, mines and disaster zones. Nandita cites RenuRobotics and ANYbotics as example AMR providers that have built their solutions using Velodyne’s Puck sensors.

The article closes with a discussion on how lidar can benefit an AMR’s power consumption. It quotes Nandita saying:

“Velodyne creates the most power efficient sensors in the industry. Compared to other lidar sensors in its class, such as those of Luminar and Innoviz, Velodyne’s lidar sensors use less power while maximizing performance and range.”

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