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Lidar Ready to Power Smart Cities Applications
May 21, 2019 | By Velodyne Lidar

Lidar sensors, along with communications technologies, are seen as key enablers of Smart Cities applications such as traffic management, energy management, intelligent infrastructure, and more.

Writing in Smart Cities Dive about how technology can power better, smarter government services, Gil Elba expects public transit and thoroughfares will be improved by using data to understand foot traffic and car traffic patterns.

Lidar sensors provide the accurate, authenticated and visual data needed in Smart Cities applications. Elba’s article notes how Velodyne lidar will:

“offer intelligence at scale on granular ideas, such as the safety and location of swingsets or park benches.”

Expect to read more about the role of lidar in powering Smart Cities applications that aim to improve public services and enhance the safety and quality of life of citizens.

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