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Lidar Helping to Map Future of U.S. Mobility
Apr 21, 2022 | By Velodyne Lidar

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A Cities Today article examined how as cities strive to adopt sustainable modes of transport, “data is central to tracking results, understanding shifts and adapting fast.”

Our lidar sensors make it easy to monitor traffic networks and public spaces. They reliably collect data in any lighting or weather condition, supporting 24/7, 365 days a year operation.

In the article, Jon Barad, Velodyne’s Vice President of Corporate Development, discussed some of the benefits that lidar delivers to civic applications:

“One of the reasons lidar is interesting is that it can be used in all lighting conditions, and it protects people’s privacy. It doesn’t allow for any facial recognition, which is a growing concern among city operators.”

Velodyne’s Intelligent Infrastructure Solution (IIS) combines our award-winning sensors and Bluecity’s AI software to provide a full-stack smart city solution. IIS delivers traffic monitoring and analytics to improve road safety, efficiency and air quality, and help cities plan for smarter, safer transportation systems.

IIS has been deployed in Texas, Florida, Nevada, California, New Jersey, Missouri and Canada. Among these implementations is Austin, Texas, where the city is using IIS to assess traffic conditions and identify proactive safety measures that can be taken to help save lives.

The Cities Today article includes comments from Jason JonMichael, Assistant Director of Transportation for the City of Austin. It notes that In April 2019, Austin adopted a Strategic Mobility Plan to “guide transport planning and implementation across the city over 20 years.”

In a Velodyne news release, Jason discussed the potential of lidar-based traffic monitoring:

“Lidar-based solutions hold tremendous potential to protect personal identifiable information while continuing to help us to achieve our Vision Zero goal to eliminate traffic deaths and serious injuries on Austin streets. Velodyne Lidar’s Intelligent Infrastructure Solution could enable us to more efficiently collect and analyze the mobility that is needed to improve roadway efficiency and safety.”

To learn more about the Intelligent Infrastructure Solution, contact Velodyne Sales: 669.275.2526, [email protected].

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