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Velodyne Moving Lidar Forward in Transportation
May 10, 2022 | By Velodyne Lidar

An Inside Unmanned Systems article called “Moving Forward with Lidar” by Renee Knight reviews how lidar technology “is becoming an instrumental part of the transportation industry.”

The story looks at how lidar technology is being used “for a wide range of applications, including creating 3D maps for roadwork projects, providing the foundation for smart cities and detecting objects for autonomous vehicles.”

The piece includes our customer Geodetics, noting the company “has seen an uptick in infrastructure-related lidar requests in recent months, Vice President Bob Stadel said, largely because of President Joe Biden’s infrastructure bill that has money flowing down to state transportation agencies.”

The article addresses how “during road construction projects, lidar also can be flown on a drone to measure the levels of materials that have been moved in and out of the site” as well as to “monitor progress throughout a project,” quoting Stefan Hrabar, CEO and co-founder of our customer Emesent.

The story goes on to add “that bridge inspections are another area lidar is taking hold, with mobile and terrestrial units leading the way.”

It states how “Emesent’s Hovermap is often used for bridge inspections because it can get to places with limited or no GPS. Instead of relying on GPS, Hovermap uses real-time data from a Velodyne lidar to generate a map and navigate the drone, Velodyne Chief Marketing Officer Sally Frykman said, by running a simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) algorithm.”

We make it easy to add lidar to unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) for collecting geospatial data that will inform effective revenue-generating business decisions. Our sensors enable companies to build highly accurate 3D models of any environment for mobile mapping, delivery and surveying, as well as real-time assessment and monitoring applications.

To learn more about how our lidar technology can be used in transportation applications, contact Velodyne Sales: 669.275.2526, [email protected]

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