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Velodyne Experts Examine Lidar and ADAS in E-Mobility Technology International Story
Oct 26, 2020 | By Velodyne Lidar

The digitization of the automotive industry is being advanced with the rise of electric vehicles. These two moves are contributing to the demand for connectivity, shared mobility and enhanced levels of ADAS features and autonomy.

Writing in E-Mobility Technology International, Velodyne Lidar experts Sally Frykman and Dieter Gabriel explored the role of electric cars in paving the way for next generation ADAS functionality. The article includes a look at how lidar sensors can help bring ADAS to the next level.

In their article, Sally and Dieter noted:

“Lidar sensors have the potential to enable automakers to create superior ADAS, addressing edge-cases for current approaches, including winding roads, potholes, on/off ramps and roadways with unclear lane markings. This functionality can be realized in a compact form factor; for example, directional lidar sensors can be situated behind the vehicle’s windshield for streamlined integration, allowing vehicles to maintain their aerodynamic design.”

Lidar-powered ADAS is happening now, delivering next level capabilities to protect road users, assist drivers and save lives.

To read the E-Mobility Technology International article, please go to page 76 in the Winter 2020 issue: The Rise of Electromobility Offers Opportunity to Advance Next Generation ADAS

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