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Velodyne Expert Discusses How Our Technology is Powering Autonomous Solutions
May 02, 2022 | By Velodyne Lidar

At the XPONENTIAL 2022 conference, Renee Knight of Inside Unmanned Systems conducted a video interview with Christina Aizcorbe, our Vice President of Government Affairs. They discussed the benefits of lidar technology powering autonomous solutions in robotics, industrial, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), trucking and more.

Velodyne Lidar's Christina Aizcorbe Interviewed at XPONENTIAL 2022

Christina introduced viewers to our lidar sensors and software, which create full-stack solutions. She discussed how our lidar sensors help autonomous solutions see farther in challenging lighting and weather conditions to make autonomy safer and more reliable. Christina added how our Vella perception software can help developers speed up innovation and get to market quicker.

Christina explored autonomous solutions that have been developed with our lidar. She highlighted our Intelligent Infrastructure Solution (IIS), which is a breakthrough hardware and software technology designed to solve some of our most challenging and pervasive infrastructure problems.

Christina noted how government organizations can use IIS to monitor traffic networks to generate real-time data analytics and predictions. The solution can help improve traffic efficiency, advancing sustainability and protecting vulnerable road users in all weather and lighting conditions.

Other applications that Christina talked about include UAVs and advanced robotics.

We make it easy to add our lidar sensors to UAVs/drones for collecting geospatial data that will inform effective revenue-generating business decisions. Our sensors enable companies to build highly accurate 3D models of any environment for mobile mapping, delivery and surveying, as well as real-time assessment and monitoring applications.

In robotics, Christina discussed how our sensors help companies take people out of “dull, dirty and dangerous jobs,” redefining industrial safety in construction, logistics, manufacturing and warehousing. The 3D image data generated by our sensors is optimal for applications requiring precise measurements, object-tracking and movement.

To learn more about how our lidar technology can be used in in robotics, industrial, UAVs, trucking and more, contact Velodyne Sales: 669.275.2526, [email protected].

Watch Christina’s video interview here.

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