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Sally Frykman
VP of Communications

Sally Frykman is Vice President of Communications, overseeing public relations, marketing, and communications efforts. Sally supports investor relations activities, leads engagement around policy and regulation, and executes innovative educational campaigns for a diverse range of audiences. Her goal is to create a deeper public understanding of autonomous technology and of Velodyne’s lidar technology as an essential component for safe autonomy.

Sally has spent the entirety of her career grounded in advocacy and education as a former educator and social worker. She is passionate about making the world a safer, more inclusive and universally accessible place for all. Sally joined the Velodyne team because she strongly believes in the company’s vision of advancing roadway safety, saving lives, and the myriad benefits realized due to the innovation of lidar technology. Sally holds a Bachelor’s Degree from University of California, Santa Barbara, and a Master’s Degree from San Francisco State.


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