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Matt Rekow
Chief Technology Officer

As Chief Technology Officer, Matt Rekow leads Velodyne Lidar’s customer-focused advanced research and development team.  The group designs state-of-the-art lidar solutions for cost optimization  and high-performance, high-volume production to address a wide range of market needs. Since joining the company in 2015, Matt has had a significant impact on Velodyne’s engineering and solution success, including the development of breakthrough lidar products, such as the Alpha Prime™, Velarray™, Velabit™ and VelaDome™. Matt was previously a Senior Director of Optical Engineering at Velodyne.

With 29 years of experience in the development of macro and micro optical systems, semiconductor lasers and detectors, Matt has proven an effective engineering team and project leader, building and fostering a dynamic research team. Matt is an accomplished engineer whose work has contributed to numerous U.S. and European patents as well as successful commercial products and processes. He has written numerous technical articles for leading industry publications.


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