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Marta Thoma Hall
Chief Marketing Officer

Marta Thoma Hall is Chief Marketing Officer at Velodyne Lidar, Inc. Marta Hall was President of Velodyne Acoustics starting in 2008 when the lidar business was in its infancy, just beginning to sell into the 3D mapping market and to Caterpillar and Google for navigation and autonomy. Marta helped build and manage the lidar business with CEO, David Hall, as it grew from 85 employees to 600 employees on three sites. Currently, Velodyne sensors have been installed in thousands of vehicles around the world, traveling millions of real-world miles. Velodyne is the industry standard for localization and environmental perception, providing the core technology for dozens of autonomous vehicle programs in over 10 countries.

Marta Hall’s vision is to expand the use of high quality, low cost lidar to produce and equip every car with lidar sensors across the world. A dramatic improvement in transportation can take place with lidar technology applied to Autonomy and ADAS systems. There can be a significant reduction in transportation accidents, saving lives and property. Many pedestrian, bicycle, and car deaths can be prevented. The Velodyne team is working to reduce the cost of the Lidar so it will be affordable for every vehicle.

Before working at Velodyne Lidar, Thoma Hall managed an Art and Construction Business installing installations for cities nation-wide. She brings problem solving and creative thinking to Velodyne. In the newest business journals such as the Harvard Business Review, Strategy + Business, and Inc. are reports that conclude Creatives,(CMO and CBDO type) are needed for success, offering vision and strategy. Thoma Hall’s vision, creativity, strategy, and passion are strengths she brings to Velodyne.


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