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David Hall
Founder and Executive Chairman of the Board

As a serial inventor owning more than 30 patents, David Hall is the Founder and Executive Chairman of the Board of Velodyne Lidar, Inc.  After competing as one of the original entrants in the DARPA Grand Challenge, in 2005 David Hall invented 3D lidar to give autonomous vehicles real-time 360-degree vision. Having transformed this break-through into a thriving company, which remains the unequivocal industry leader, Hall continues to serve as a visionary inventor whose technologies are enabling safe autonomous mobility. As a founder of the 3D lidar industry, David Hall now leads a Dream Team of engineers who make daily advancements in the development and production of innovative lidar products. Possessing unmatched experience in the industry, Hall has far-ranging ideas with regards to the enduring central role of lidar in unleashing the life-changing potential of the autonomous revolution.

David Hall is a pioneer in the self-driving industry, having invented real-time 3D lidar for autonomous vehicles. His business experience in relation to developing and producing self-driving technology is unsurpassed. Hall’s background as an innovator within this field grants him a unique perspective on its related challenges, solutions, and potential implications.


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