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Data to Improve the Cost, Convenience and Safety of Motor Vehicles

Smart Data for The Next Generation of Automotive Safety

Since their commercial debut in 2007, Velodyne's lidar sensors have been the go-to perception sensor for autonomous vehicle navigation. Velodyne sensors provide a rich, real-time model of the vehicle’s surroundings for precise localization, segmentation, and object tracking. Our latest sensors improve Advanced Driving features such as Lane Keep Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control, and Automatic Emergency Braking, the foundational capabilities of vehicle automation.


Charting the Way to Automated Trucking

Increasing levels of automation in trucking will improve safety and enhance the driver experience while easing fleet management and increasing efficiency. Today, many trucking programs around the world depend on Velodyne’s precise and reliable lidar data.

UAV / Drone
Data Collection • Collision Avoidance • Autonomous Flight

The Most Trusted Lidar Technology is Now Available in the Air

Velodyne’s lidar data enables aerial applications including delivery, mapping, and surveying. With a compact form factor and weighing less than 600 grams, the Puck LITE empowers real-time localization and path-planning in mid-flight.

Navigation On Natural Targets • Collision Avoidance • Object Profiling and Identification

Redefining Industrial Safety

The point clouds generated by Velodyne’s sensors are optimal for industrial applications requiring precise measurements, object-tracking, and movement. With a compact form factor and robust data set, Velodyne’s sensors can be embedded on mobile machinery to enable safe navigation or mounted on equipment to bound safety zones.


Accurate and Powerful Mobile Mapping

Our lidar technology provides accurate distance and reflectivity measurements, enabling critical requirements such as road sign and lane marking detection. The world’s most advanced mapping applications rely on Velodyne’s robust and accurate data.


Autonomous mobile robots (AMR) perform diverse tasks in a variety of settings ranging from controlled conditions to unfamiliar and dynamic environments. Velodyne’s lidar sensors deliver the smart, real-time perception data required by autonomous mobile robots for safe and extended operation without human intervention.

AMRs are used in the following applications:
  • Surveying
  • Mapping
  • Sidewalk delivery
  • Factory and Retail logistics
  • Parking
  • Manufacturing
  • Agriculture
  • Search and rescue
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Smart City

A smart city is a municipality that uses sensor information and communication technologies to advance social welfare and operational efficiency. A smart city improves public services and enhances the safety and quality of life for its citizens.

Velodyne’s sensors facilitate a range of smart city applications, including:
  • Traffic management
  • Energy management
  • Resource distribution
  • Efficient building management
  • Intelligent infrastructure
  • Smart mobility

A breakthrough advance in security applications, Velodyne’s lidar sensors generate real-time 3D maps for users to easily define and monitor customized digital boundaries. Velodyne sensors provide centimeter-level distance measurement data in all light conditions to facilitate highly reliable object detection and tracking. Lidar-based security solutions increase effective threat response while reducing false readings that frequently hamper other technologies. In security applications, lidar data can also support privacy protection while improving system implementation and performance efficiency. Velodyne's sensors deliver powerful monitoring and protection in a range of physical environments, including:

  • Airports
  • Energy facilities
  • Industrial plants
  • Institutions
  • Commercial and private property
  • Transportation infrastructure
  • Digital boundary definition
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