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Data to Improve the Cost, Convenience and Safety of Motor Vehicles

High Definition 3-D Lidar – The Key Sensing Modality for Self-Driving Cars

Since its commercial debut in 2007, Velodyne's HDL-64 High-Definition 3D Lidar has been the go-to perception sensor for autonomous motor vehicle navigation through complex environments. Velodyne sensors provide a 3D model of the world around the vehicle, including calibrated reflectivity data for precise localization, segmentation, and object tracking and classification within the environment. Now Velodyne has introduced the Ultra Puck sensor platform, further improving performance and range for those seeking the best data for Level 2 through Level 5 self-driving programs.


The 3-D Lidar Technology Charting the Way to Autonomous Trucking

There are many advantages to increasing levels of autonomy in Trucking. It will provide multiple Safety benefits and enhance the driver experience as well as improve fleet management and productivity. trucks will help operators transform the logistics value chain by altering their cost structures. Our Lidar technology provides the high-resolution, 3D information needed to support Additional Autonomy within Trucking. Our products currently are being used on many of the Trucking programs around the world today. Velodyne has the reliability and scalability now that are essential to navigate the needs of Trucks around the world and provide vehicle safety.

UAV / Drone
Data Collection • Collision Avoidance • Autonomous Flight

The Most Trusted Lidar Technology is Now Available in the Air

The Industrial Drone Revolution began with Data Collection Lidar applications in aerial mapping and surveying. Now the same 3D Lidar technology is available in a compact form factor weighing less than 600 grams. With parallel advancements in robotics software and computing efficiency, real-time localization and path planning have become possible mid-flight thanks to the Puck LITE.

Navigation On Natural Targets • Collision Avoidance • Object Profiling and Identification

Long-Range 3D Lidar - Redefining Industrial Vehicle Navigation and Large Object Profiling

The real-world exists in 3D space, not a single-point sensor or slots on an encoder wheel. For years, multiple sensing technologies were used by industrial vehicles to navigate areas due to each sensors' limitations. In-floor magnets, wall-mounted reflectors, and multiple-type sensors are no longer needed with the PUCK 3D Lidar scanner from Velodyne. The scanner simplifies the vehicle's design and lowers installation costs. In other industrial applications, the Puck scanner is used to identify fast-moving objects in real-world 3D space.


The 3-D Lidar Technology that Transformed Mobile Mapping

Worldwide Lidar adoption began with 3D mobile mapping, the key building block to the Mobility Revolution. Our proprietary technology provides accurate distance and reflectivity measurements at highway speeds, enabling critical requirements such as road sign and lane marking detection. With our continued investment in R&D and operations, we are able to offer optimal sensor performance in a compact and competitive package. Thanks to our trusted distributors, integration partners and a fast-growing customer base, the same technology is now being used in both aerial and in-door mapping applications.

Smart City

A smart city is a municipality that uses sensor information and communication technologies to advance social welfare and operational efficiency. A smart city improves public services and enhances the safety and quality of life for its citizens.

Smart city applications include:
  • Traffic management
  • Energy management
  • Resource distribution
  • Efficient building management
  • Intelligent infrastructure
  • Smart mobility