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Improving Power Line Safety through Non-Contact Monitoring

Company Overview

LineVision provides data-driven situational awareness and predictive analysis for electric power utilities and pipeline operators with its patented non-contact overhead line monitoring sensor platform. For electric utilities, LineVision’s advanced analytics disseminates forecasted and real-time data that helps increase the capacity of transmission lines. The system also anticipates potential power line failures with asset health metrics and alerts on dangerous operating conditions during adverse weather events, while enhancing reliability and safety.

With a global movement towards an electrified and renewable energy-powered future, LineVision’s Dynamic Line Rating (DLR) technology unlocks upwards of 40 percent in additional capacity on congested and aging transmission lines. This helps utilities address the daunting challenge of integrating record levels of renewables onto the grid.

LineVision is a member of the Automated with Velodyne™ program.


The electric industry is in the midst of a historic energy transformation which is both exciting and challenging for utilities around the world. It is rapidly moving to an electrified and renewable-powered future, but the electric grid was designed and built in a different era. Grid operators are facing the challenge of maintaining system reliability on their aging grids with limited budgets. They also need to integrate record levels of renewables and remain resilient during increasingly severe weather events.

LineVision’s V3 platform equipped with Velodyne’s Puck sensor


To meet these challenges, and given the exorbitant cost and multi-year long process of replacing existing transmission assets, utilities will need to harness innovative grid enhancing technologies to make existing grids more efficient, flexible and resilient. Responding to this urgent challenge, LineVision developed an advanced non-contact sensor platform, equipped with Velodyne’s Puck™ sensor, that continuously monitors the behavior of the overhead transmission line system.

Powered by Velodyne’s sensor, the LineVision V3 platform provides utility clients with visibility on asset health for optimized management. This situational awareness assists utilities by identifying operational anomalies, helping to mitigate events that could cause wildfires or other damage before they happen. The V3 platform issues real-time alerts on risks and can safely unlock additional capacity on existing lines where and when it’s most needed.

By using Velodyne’s patented lidar technology, LineVision leverages a unique and cost-efficient industry advantage by enabling a non-contact monitoring solution. This approach allows utilities to install sensors without shutting lines down. Prior to LineVision’s use of lidar sensors, utilities were forced to cut into a power line for installation of a sensor. LineVision’s solution can save utilities time and money.

LineVision uses Velodyne in its overhead power line monitoring system to help electric utilities operate their grid more safely and efficiently.


A 2016 study conducted by the US DOE estimated the cost of congestion in that year was close to $8 billion, a loss that is ultimately absorbed by ratepayers. Conversely, a 2018 study by PJM Interconnection simulated the effect of DLR technology on a highly congested 18-mile long 500kV line. The study showed net congestion savings of more than $4 million on that one stretch of transmission in just one year versus a physical upgrade of the line, which typically costs tens or hundreds of millions of dollars. The savings for utilities and ratepayers can be great, certainly when compared to the cost of simply replacing the grid.

Currently, armed with Velodyne sensors, LineVision is working with 5 of the top 10 major utilities in North America and is ramping up for significantly more projects – covering thousands of miles with its unique monitoring technology. LineVision believes its recent successes have been due to the company’s competitive, one-of-a-kind non-contact solution, which wouldn’t be possible without Velodyne Lidar’s sensors.

The LineVision V3 platform, powered by Velodyne’s Puck sensor


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