White Paper Reviews Limitations of Current ADAS Testing Scenarios
Dec 10, 2019 | By Velodyne Lidar

Current independent testing of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) features overlooks some common conditions encountered in real-world driving. A white paper published by Velodyne Lidar identifies a range of scenarios that exist outside of present ADAS testing parameters and which camera/radar systems can struggle to address.

These uncaptured scenarios, or “corner cases,” represent a great opportunity for improving roadway safety. Corner case scenarios include lighting conditions outside of defined parameters, irregularities in the roadway, roadways with unclear or unmarked lane lines or road edges and more.

The white paper, called “The Limitations of Current ADAS Testing Scenarios,” supported independent testing organizations in designing future test protocols that aim to capture increasing levels of system performance in an expanding range of conditions.

Testing in a more real-world environment would demonstrate the need for alternative sensor modalities to enable ADAS features in a broader range of driving situations. As testing guidelines are revised to include broader and more realistic roadway scenarios, vehicles with lidar sensors providing robust range and resolution performance will earn the highest ratings.

Adding lidar to ADAS provides the ability to detect a wider range of objects and offer vehicles a more detailed view of surroundings, which can significantly improve roadway safety. 

At the upcoming CES 2020 Conference, Velodyne Lidar (Las Vegas Convention Center North Hall – booth #7520) will showcase its lidar technology that enables high-level ADAS for safe navigation and collision avoidance, all within a compact form factor.

Velodyne will also present its proposed Five Diamonds rating system to clarify and standardize terminology for ADAS features. The system aims to encourage transparency in the marketplace and promote the maximum positive effect of ADAS technologies. Velodyne is working with automotive safety organizations, in collaboration with SAE International, to foster an industry dialogue to refine and advance the system with the goal of improving driver and pedestrian safety.

To download a PDF version of “The Limitation of Current ADAS Testing Scenarios,” click the link below:

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