Top 3 Takeaways: Autonomous Security Robots in a Pandemic with Velodyne & Knightscope
May 22, 2020 | By Velodyne Lidar

Webinar Summary Looking at Autonomous Security Robots Assisting COVID-19 Response Efforts

Knightscope Security Robot on Patrol
Knightscope Security Robot on Patrol

Many organizations recognize they must look beyond traditional security solutions in times of vulnerability in order to anticipate new threats and protect against those risks. COVID-19 has made this issue top of mind and utilizing autonomous security robots in a pandemic can be an option to address threats and risks.

A webinar conducted by Pamela Gauci, Senior Marketing Manager at Velodyne Lidar, and Stacy Stephens, EVP & Chief Client Officer at Knightscope, looked at how COVID-19 is driving private and public entities to rethink security, not only now but for the future.

The episode was part of the digital learning series on “Automation and Safety During COVID-19,” organized by Velodyne.

Knightscope is an advanced security technology company based in Silicon Valley. They build security robots that deter, detect and report – autonomously. Their robots can function in both daytime and nighttime with the help of Velodyne Puck™ sensors, which are effective in a variety of light conditions. With the long range of Velodyne sensors, the robots can navigate safely due to the increased 3D vision range provided by the sensors.

Webinar guest Stacy Stephens (EVP and Chief Client Officer at Knightscope) with a Knightscope security robot at Velodyne's CES booth
Webinar guest Stacy Stephens (EVP and Chief Client Officer at Knightscope) with a Knightscope security robot at Velodyne’s CES booth

Here are three takeaways from the webinar:

1. Data is the gold that provides actionable intelligence.

Organizations are working to keep pace with the changing threat landscape in protecting people and assets. Knightscope security robots help reduce crime by combining physical presence with real-time onsite data collection and analysis. The data generated enables security professionals to review events generated from “really smart mobile eyes and ears” to do their jobs more effectively.

“Security robots provide an additional tool to see and hear in real time what’s going on. Overall, crimes of opportunities – like burglaries – are rising at commercial properties during the pandemic. However, companies that have our security robots have not seen an increase in property crimes,” said Stephens.

2. Remote monitoring will become the norm.

The pandemic has created extra risk for law enforcement and security professionals out on patrol. Security robots are completely immune to COVID-19. With public health officials saying there may be a resurgence in the fall and winter, now is the time to prepare to include remote monitoring with robots in the public safety toolbox. 

Knightscope Security Robot COVID-19 Messaging Options
Knightscope Security Robot COVID-19 Messaging Options

3. Robots are delivering important PSAs during the pandemic.

Knightscope created and deployed numerous COVID-19 Public Safety Announcements (PSAs) across its fleet of autonomous security robots. They were provided as a free upgrade to all Knightscope clients and enthusiastically adopted by their clients. “Robots deliver messages in a less ominous way,” said Stephens.

Example messages include: “Please maintain a safe distance between you and other people – I recommend at least 6 feet” and “Washing our hands is fun! Oh, wait…. I don’t have any hands.”

Watch the full webinar below!

Velodyne Lidar & Knightscope Webinar: Autonomous Security Robots in the Midst of a Global Pandemic

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