Velodyne LiDAR’s Safety Summit: It’s a learning process (part 4)
Oct 31, 2018 | By Velodyne Lidar

For sure, the task of educating the public about the technology and practicality of autonomous vehicles falls on the industry and its shareholders alike.  A  well-informed panel at the Velodyne LiDAR Safety Summit moderated by Mircea Gradu, SVP of the company’s quality and validation, explored the issue in depth.

Mircea Gradu – SVP of Quality and Validation Velodyne LiDAR and SAE International President, Oliver Cameron – Co-Founder and CEO of Voyage, Bobby Hambrick – Founder and CEO of AutonomouStuff, Frank Menchaca – Chief Product Officer, SAE International, Dr. Yaoming Shen – Dr. Yaoming Shen Sr. Optical Engineer at Baidu, Paul Konasewich – Director of Business Development, PACCAR Innovation Center

“People are appropriately skeptical,” said Frank Menchaca, chief product officer at SAE international.  “Well, you should be skeptical.  [Autonomy] is increasingly exciting and an incredible challenge as well.”

Several panelists, including Oliver Cameron, co-founder and CEO of Voyage, credited Velodyne LiDAR for its success and innovation.

“We believe LiDAR is the backbone of self-driving cars,” Cameron said, especially in the way it shows depth.  “There is no other sensor that exists that can accomplish this.”

Bobby Hambrick, founder and CEO of AutonomouStuff, believes a combination of cameras, radars and LiDAR might be the best avenue to use in autonomous vehicles.

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