Making Industrial Inspections Safer with ANYmal X
Aug 04, 2022 | By Velodyne Lidar

The ANYmal X autonomous mobile robot from ANYbotics automates industrial inspections, increasing safety and operational effectiveness. ANYmal X, which includes our lidar sensors for precise navigation, has become the first four-legged autonomous robot to be certified to the ATEX standard. The certification means the oil & gas and chemical industries can use ANYmal X to inspect equipment, even in potentially explosive atmospheres.

ANYbotics ANYmal X Autonomous Mobile Robot with Velodyne Lidar

Having ANYmal X “designed and certified for safe usage in hazardous and potentially explosive environments (is) a game changer for the industry,” wrote David Edwards in Robotics and Automation News story.

Closeup of ANYmal X robot by ANYbotics with Velodyne Lidar sensor

Deployed with our Puck sensors, ANYmal can generate very precise environmental data for orientation in industrial settings. The robot has a shell designed to encapsulate our sensor to comply with ATEX regulations. Lidar technology allows the robot to operate in poor visibility conditions and in complete darkness, as well as successfully negotiate tough terrain.

ATEX Certification Supports Safety

ATEX, or ATmosphères Explosives, stands for the European directive for a product classification “for use as intended in potentially explosive atmospheres.”

ATEX Zones | Image from Velodyne Lidar

ANYmal X is certified for Zone 1 explosive atmospheres. The directive assumes the occasional presence of explosive gases or combustible dust during normal operation, i.e. for high safety requirements. For example, these environmental conditions are prevalent in the immediate vicinity of gas or chemical plants, on oil drilling platforms or similar facilities. In addition to ATEX, ANYmal X complies with the similar IECEx standards.

ANYbotics ANYmal X navigating stairs in an industrial environment

Velodyne’s Lidar Enables Robots to Work Autonomously

Our lidar sensors are important components in the navigation and autonomous movement of robots. By combining high-resolution image data with a wide vertical field of view, the sensors detect the shape of even the smallest objects, regardless of their material composition, movement or the lighting conditions.

“We chose Velodyne to build our ANYmal series because their lidar sensors provide very reliable, fail-safe and high-resolution 3D information about the environment,” said Mario Mauerer, CTO Hardware, ANYbotics. “Velodyne’s sensors are ruggedized and enable our robots to move precisely.  This is extremely important, especially for use in critical areas such as ATEX zones.”

To learn more about how Velodyne sensors enable robotic autonomy and navigation:

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