Lidaretto 3D Scanning System Captures Accurate, Reliable Geospatial Data from Any Location
Apr 09, 2020 | By Velodyne Lidar

Geotech’s Lidaretto 3D mobile surveying system can go anywhere. The system is compact and lightweight in order to be deployed in multiple ways according to a specific application need, including a drone, car, boat and backpack.

Lidaretto 3D scanning system for mapping, using GPS and Velodyne lidar sensor
Lidaretto is a mobile 3D scanning system for capturing reality suitable whether you decide to fly, drive or just walk!

Lidaretto combines Velodyne Lidar Puck™ sensors and Novatel GNSS positioning technology, along with Geotech-developed algorithms, to produce highly-accurate point clouds for a variety of field applications. These mobile mapping areas include agriculture, construction, environmental assessment, forestry, mining, power transmission lines, and more.

For instance, in road and railways construction, Lidaretto is an effective tool for continuous 3D mapping of the earth work progress to compute the volumes, surfaces, and topography. Another example is utilities can use Lidaretto for the inspection of power transmission lines, providing the outputs critical for securing uninterrupted distribution of electricity.

A recent scanning with Lidaretto on a drone for Plowman Craven, one of biggest surveying companies in UK. This image shows a Heritage Railway near London. The goal was to scan railway banks that were previously difficult to map using traditional surveying instruments, like RTK rovers.

“We rely on technologies from worldwide leaders, such as Velodyne, to deliver the best possible geospatial data accuracy. The compact size and versatility of the Puck sensor enables customers to make one survey system investment that can cover multiple applications, saving themselves money,” said Erik Frohmann, director of sales at Geotech.

Lidaretto has been built to be easy to use. Geotech designed the system to make its workflow as simple as possible to allow a user to operate Lidaretto without previous skills with lidar mapping technology. It is a fully-autonomous system that includes positioning technology inside, so for drone deployments Lidaretto does not need to be integrated with any electronic system on the drone.

Lidaretto on drone Altura Zenith, used by professional surveyors for mapping Heritage Railways in UK

“We aim to produce quality products from quality components for reasonable and competitive pricing. With Lidaretto, we have been able to make lidar mapping technology available to the masses as a standard data capturing tool. Mobile mapping has never been so easy,” said Frohmann.

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