Lidar Adds New Perspective to Perimeter Security
Dec 31, 2019 | By Velodyne Lidar

A Discussion with Martin Vojtek, CEO at Tacticaware

Martin Vojtek, CEO of Tacticaware

As the demands on security-related technology increase and evolve, lidar-based systems offer the potential to vastly improve public safety and security performance. One company using lidar to advance threat detection is Tacticaware, which has developed Accur8vision, an expanded perimetric security system.

Unlike conventional security systems which typically only guard perimeters, Accur8vision uses Velodyne lidar to guard the entire area of a patrolled space. The Velodyne sensor provides a real-time centimeter-level view into the area and any people and objects in the space in all lighting conditions.

If an intruder enters a guarded area, Accur8vision notifies security personnel with the exact location, size and speed of the intruder. Even the direction that an intruder is moving is provided.

We connected with Martin Vojtek of Tacticaware to learn more about Accur8vision and the role of lidar technology in the solution, along with the company’s plans for the CES Conference and beyond.

V: Your company describes Accur8vision as a volumetric detection system. How is the solution an advancement over other solutions in the security field?

We believe the security world could use a bit of a facelift; since our world is in 3D, why not create a system that is also in 3D? With a 3D map and use of lidar technology, we have developed the Accur8vision solution (A8V), which provides a visual experience of an area that is being guarded, with the intruder monitored at all times. In conventional line detection, the perimeter area, rather than the inside area, is protected. This is unfortunately still a common practice. A8V addresses this shortcoming by employing the indisputable advantages of volumetric detection, which is designed to detect intruder motion within the interior of a protected space. For advanced safety and security, it is critical to know the position of intruders and to see the entire space in real time, at all times. With traditional security systems, the detection of an intruder can be lost once he or she has crossed from the perimeter into the interior space.

V: How do the 3D perception capabilities of Velodyne lidar technology contribute to Accur8vision success?

With the use of Velodyne’s lidar technology, we are now able to detect and visualize the exact position of the intruder and connect this information to our three-dimensional map. Thanks to our application, we can connect an unlimited number of lidar detectors and cover large areas. The system then automatically rotates PTZ cameras to the alarm area with the help of the lidars.

Not only are Velodyne’s lidar sensors the best quality available on the market, Velodyne also offers the widest variety of sensors with different ranges, resolutions and price levels. We can combine different models of lidar sensors on individual projects to achieve the best price/performance ratio.

V: What are some of the use cases where Accur8vision has been implemented and what has been the solution’s impact?

Accur8vision has been implemented in many different installations for many different situations. A8V is suitable for guarding power plants, airports, ports, data centers, refineries and chemical plants, as well as for the protection of residences.

We are seeing a significant need to protect buildings against drones. With the use of the lidar, we were able to protect a roof from drones by tilting the lidar to create a type of orbit barrier. We can also help with protecting precious items for clients such as art or safes. Our technology has also been used within railroad tunnels to maintain safety. Using A8V can distinguish between trains and pedestrians in order to ensure no pedestrians are in harm‚Äôs way when a train is present.    

V: What are your company’s plans for the upcoming CES Conference?

For CES 2020 in Las Vegas, we are planning on showcasing a live demo of our A8V solution at the Velodyne booth in the North Hall # 7520. We will have two Velodyne Ultra Pucks set up at the booth so that attendees can see a 3D map of the booth and experience how the technology is able to monitor people and objects within the defined area.

V: What‚Äôs on the horizon for Accur8vision ‚Äď how do you see your solution evolving?

We are evolving our system every day. We are currently in the process of implementing different hardware. We are also working on distinguishing between unauthorized intruders and authorized personnel. Our company has updated our user interface and added many new features for A8V 2020, which will be released at the beginning of the new year. In the near future, we will also be adding people counting capabilities to accurately track the number of people entering a protected area or building. We are very excited about all the new things Tacticaware is doing with Accur8vision and Velodyne Lidar and hope that your readers will stop by the Velodyne booth at CES and see the system for themselves! 

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