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Automated with Velodyne Ecosystem Partners are Driving Autonomous Innovation
Jun 26, 2020 | By Jon Barad, VP Business Development
The Automated with Velodyne ecosystem is made up of a diverse group of integrators using Velodyne's lidar in innovative and inspiring ways
The Automated with Velodyne ecosystem is made up of a diverse group of integrators using Velodyne’s lidar in innovative and inspiring ways

Check out this video highlighting some of our exciting partners that have recently joined the Automated with Velodyne ecosystem program. These innovators are shaping the future of automation.

See what kind of integrators are part of the Automated with Velodyne ecosystem and how they are using Velodyne Lidar!

The demand for automation is growing by the day and it’s spurring exciting new uses of Velodyne’s lidar sensors worldwide.

The Automated with Velodyne™ ecosystem was created to help facilitate the conversation within our ecosystem of integrators and solution providers so that we can all work together to commercialize next generation autonomous solutions.

As a result, the Automated with Velodyne program has taken off on a global level. Launched in April 2020, there are currently over 50 companies in the Automated with Velodyne program already – with new partners joining almost every day.

In addition to companies from the United States and Canada, ecosystem partners are based in Australia, China, Korea, Japan and a number of countries in Europe. 

Through the program, we are working with these ecosystem companies on marketing campaigns, business development efforts and technical assistance to support their business growth. Velodyne helps companies by aiding innovation, promoting applications and connecting customers with partners around the world. In addition to a broad portfolio of groundbreaking, versatile lidar sensors, our company provides technical, sales and distribution channel service and support.

Application areas represented in the ecosystem include advanced driver assistance (ADAS), autonomous vehicles, mapping, industrial, smart city, drone/unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), robotics and security.

If you are a company interested in joining the program, you can get more information here.

Automated with Velodyne ecosystem integrators featured in the video, in order of appearance: Gatik, Voyage, NAVYA Group, Knightscope, Renovo, accur8vision, Exyn Technologies, MOV.AI, Local Motors, Seoul Robotics, Emesent, YellowScan, GUSS, Idriverplus, Twinny Robotics, EasyMile, PARIFEX, NavVis, Routescene, Unmanned Solution, AutonomouStuff, Clearpath Robotics, KAARTA, Blue City Technology, The Marsden Group, Metamoto

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