2nd Floor, Gugyeom B/D, 61-1, Anam-ro
Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, 02857
South Korea
  • Value Proposition

    We provide a content-connected digital space where users can experience freely and lively, at any point and any direction, without interruption, distortion, exaggeration, or error. And it will innovate the areas of 3D modeling, indoor maps, and VR/AR.

  • Use Case/Customer Profile

    The outstanding technology of TEELABS is recognized as various results, including participation in CES for three consecutive years, signing MOUs with LG Electronics, production of the virtual exhibition hall at the Gwacheon National Science Museum, and technical support for MBC’s “Where is my home?”

  • Technology Description

    STEP 1.  3D Scan “TeeVR Scanner” is the world’s first mobile space scanner. It independently roams around indoor spaces, 3D scans the space, and collects spatial data at a fast speed. It is equipped with a 360° camera and a “Velodyne Lidar” that measures distance with great accuracy.

    STEP 2.  PCD (Point Cloud Data) Creation 3D topography configuration technology that gathers information by recognizing spatial structures in points represents precise 3D topography of space in points and creates into a PCD (Point Cloud Data) map.

    STEP 3.  MESH Production A technology that expresses the collection of points, implemented through PCD technology, using triangular surfaces. The final VR content of the actual space is complete by combining videos to the mesh map.

    STEP 4.  VR Content Completion First in the world to successfully develop a technology that combines actual videos on mesh map using multi-partitioning methods. Registered and applied for numerous key patents domestically and abroad including Korea, the US, Europe, Japan, and China. Commercialization of realistic indoor modeling, 3D indoor navigation, and other services including the VR shopping service.

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