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  • Value Proposition

    We are proving that the use of Veritas improves feature safety while reducing test costs.

  • Use Case/Customer Profile

    A major OEM & Tier 1 OEM ADAS feature supplier independently used Veritas to validate forward lane cameras from one supplier. In both cases, Veritas identified acute oversteering due to extreme variations from lane center by the control point. Left unchecked, the oversteering could have taken the car off the road. The results were used as proofs of failure that were subsequently accepted and corrected by the lane camera supplier.

  • Technology Description

    On-vehicle data collection uses a set of reference sensors, including a top-of-the-line Velodyne Lidar, to build a ground truth model. Cloud-based off-line computing allows building rich, high fidelity, & accurate ground truth models. Cloud-based storage allows easy sharing of results among engineers and teams, even if geographically dispersed. Browser-based visualization tools make it easy for users to look at & analyze data & assessments.

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