Kaarta Cloud

5001 Baum Blvd
Pittsburgh, PA, 15213
United States
  • Value Proposition

    Kaarta Cloud processes data collected with Velodyne Lidar sensors as well as Kaarta integrated mobile mapping systems using Kaarta’s patent-pending advanced 3D mapping and localization algorithms, providing highly accurate and robust maps.

    The marriage of Kaarta Engine’s advanced approach to SLAM with the unbridled power of cloud-based processing is a powerful solution for today’s reality capture professionals.

  • Use Case/Customer Profile

    Professionals across a wide range of applications and industries including AECO, facilities managers, urban planners, infrastructure, forestry, mining and natural resources management can extract more value from the data collected with lidar sensors and mobile mapping systems.

  • Technology Description

    Kaarta Engine is Kaarta’s purpose-built 3D mapping and localization algorithms that artfully solve the simultaneous location and mapping problem of both capturing what is around it (mapping) and where it is in that environment relative to the map (location). Kaarta’s unparalleled expertise in localization – a result of its deep robotics roots – is fundamental to its patent-pending approach to solving the SLAM problem, surpassing the drift error of alternative SLAM systems by an order of magnitude.

    Kaarta Engine produces an accurate and reliable point cloud based on a scan-to-point cloud matching technique. New frames of scan data are matched into the point cloud in real time as the data streams in. That frame is then added to the point cloud and is used to match the next set of data.

    Kaarta Cloud uses Kaarta Engine to work effortlessly with all Kaarta systems including Contour, Stencil 2-16 and 2-32, and Stencil Pro. The uploaded files are automatically recognized by Kaarta Cloud and point cloud data can be optimized with an array of functions including filtering, loop closure, alignment to GNSS trajectory, colorization and conversion.

    Kaarta Cloud also opens up the power of Kaarta Engine to Velodyne Lidar sensors. Lidar generates massive amounts of raw points of data, but all of that data is ephemeral and relative to the sensor itself. Since lidar is only line of sight, there are limited views of an environment or project. Kaarta Cloud uses the sophistication of Kaarta Engine to process raw lidar data into a registered point cloud map, providing a persistent framework to the data which can be visualized, measured and further processed in one multi-vantage environment. Kaarta Cloud supports Velodyne Puck, Ultra Puck and HDL-32E sensors.

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