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  • Value Proposition

    The ANYmal robot is an autonomous data gathering vehicle, which provides the mobility, autonomy, and intelligence to enable the accurate and reliable environment and equipment inspection in industrial settings. ANYbotics’ robotic platform is equipped with combined capabilities to check predefined inspection points and to monitor large scale environments, ensuring a continuous autonomous operation through automated recharging. The onboard interpretation of results provides awareness and insights on the state of the operations and allows for reliable and consistent inspections.

  • Use Case/Customer Profile

    Industrial inspections are performed by personnel that manually check the state and integrity of the equipment and the environment. This manual work of inspection and protocoling is tedious, error-prone, and often exposes humans to hazardous environments. Deploying autonomous robotic routine inspection tasks can support shifting qualified manpower from repetitive and error-prone routine inspections to maintenance operations and reduce their exposure to hazardous and remote environments. Furthermore, through providing consistent data and actionable insights, ANYmal can support a better understanding of the asset’s health status and life cycle, leading to an increased asset availability.

  • Technology Description

    ANYmal C’s legs provide extreme mobility when moving up and down stairs, climbing over obstacles, steps, and gaps, and crawling into tight spaces. Driven by powerful and fully torque-controllable actuators, ANYmal adapts to any terrain with a sense of touch.

    The robot is packed with a range of perception sensors that allow the system to safely navigate complex environments. Simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) provides the system with accurate position information even in complex and dynamic environments. ANYmal C fully autonomously navigates through complex multi-floor environments. Once guided through the environment, ANYmal remembers every corner and finds the quickest route to perform its mission. During operation, the system safely avoids obstacles and reliably moves over rough terrain.

    ANYbotics’ robotic platform can be equipped with up to 10 kg of payload. The standard inspection unit comes with a 10 times optical zoom camera, a thermal camera, an ultrasonic microphone for frequency analysis, and a powerful LED light for operation in darkness. ANYbotics also provides the software platform for a variety of intelligent inspection algorithms. For example, digitizing and reading analog gauges and protocoling the values shown. Moreover, the modular software can be extended with the ability to check valves, read oil levels, detect hotspots, assess corrosion in the environment, and much more.

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