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Velarray M1600

Solid state sensor for autonomous robotic applications Learn More Introducing


Gatik trusts Velodyne Lidar sensors, enabling them to revolutionize middle-mile autonomous delivery. Learn More Automated with Velodyne


One of the 100 most incredible and innovative technologies of 2020 Explore Award


Compact, Powerful, Intelligent Learn More

Alpha Prime

Powering Safe Autonomy Learn More

The Automated with Velodyne Ecosystem

Highlights of a few of Velodyne Lidar’s exciting partners that have recently joined the Automated with Velodyne™ program. These innovators are shaping the future of automation. As demand for automation grows by the day, we are seeing exciting new uses of Velodyne’s lidar sensors worldwide.

Smart, Powerful Lidar Solutions Products

A Few of Our Partners

The world’s most innovative companies trust Velodyne Lidar sensors to provide accurate and dependable data in a variety of applications.



The industry has repeatedly recognized Velodyne Lidar’s contributions.


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