"HERE, a Nokia company has global fleet of cars for 3D street mapping", by San Jose Mercury News, (July 17, 2015)
John Ristevski, vice president, reality capture and processing for HERE, a Nokia company, shows a map of the Bay Bridge with lidar intensity values using Velodyne's HDL-32E 3D LiDAR scanners.
Article    pdf    Image 1    Image 2    Image 3    Image 4    Image 5    Image 6

"Self-driving golf cart invented by University of Waterloo students", by CTV News, (July 26, 2015)
Self-driving cars may sound like a thing of the future, but two resourceful University of Waterloo students are making it happen using Velodyne's VLP-16.
Article    pdf    Video

"TomTom is now making maps for autonomous vehicles", by The Verge, (July 27, 2015)
Velodyne's HDL-32E enables decimeter accuracy 3D LiDAR data and localization of street signs and lane dividers
Article    pdf

"Velodyne's 3D LiDAR Sensor Helps European Commission Joint Research Centre Win Indoor Localization Competition", by PRWeb, (July 28, 2015)
JRC Outshines 27 Others at Microsoft Event; Velodyne HDL-32E Sensor Showcased in System Designed to Inspect Nuclear Facilities Worldwide.
Article    pdf    Image 1    Image 2    Image 3

"Stanford engineering students teach autonomous cars to avoid obstacles", by TechBriefs.tv, (July 2015)
The best way to survive a car accident is to avoid collisions in the first place. Professor Chris Gerdes' engineering students are developing algorithms and pop-up obstacles that could lead to safe autonomous driving.

"Sporting Velodyne's 3D LiDAR Sensor, NASA/JPL's 'RoboSimian' Competes in 2015 DARPA Robotics Challenge", by PRWeb, (June 2015)
Industry-Leading HDL-32E Sensor Also Deployed on Boston Dynamics' SPOT; Helps Robots 'See' Danger Lurking in the Aftermath of a Disaster
Article    pdf

"Sensors On Display: Velodyne LiDAR Featured in 'Robot Revolution,' National Touring Exhibit From Chicago Museum of Science and Industry", by PRWeb, (June 2015)
In Silicon Valley, Computer Museum Extends Run of 'History of Autonomous Vehicles,' Showcasing Velodyne LiDAR Sensor Technology
Article    pdf    Image 1    Image 2

"Global Electronics Engineering Expert Pieter Kerstens Named VP of Engineering of Velodyne LiDAR Division", by PRWeb, (June 2015)
Veteran of TDK, Xicato, IBM, Hitachi and Philips Joins 3D Sensor Pioneer.
Article    pdf

"As LiDAR Goes to Holywood, HypeVR and Velodyne Are Deep in 3D", by Wolfgang Juchmann - LiDAR News, (June 2015)
LiDAR and virtual reality--it's a marriage made in Hollywood.
Article (p.42)    pdf

"At TU-Automotive Detroit, Velodyne LiDAR to Help Make Sense of Sensor-Driven Future for Autonomous Vehicles", by PRWeb, (June 2015)
Which Way for Sensors? Velodyne's Wolfgang Juchmann to Offer LiDAR Market Leader's POV During Nation's Biggest Connected Car Event
Article    pdf

"Pegasus:Backpack, Leica's Wearable Scanner", by SPAR Point Group, (June 2015)
Leica Geosystems announced their first wearable mobile mapping solution. Leica calls the Pegasus:Backpack "a unique wearable reality capturing sensor platform combining cameras and Velodyne LiDAR profilers with the lightness of a carbon fiber chassis and a highly ergonomic design."
Article    pdf    Image 1    Image 2    Video

"International Business Veteran Michael Jellen Named President of Velodyne Acoustics", by PRWeb, (June 2015)
Former Danaher Executive Brings Focus on Growth, Customer Satisfaction and Continuous Process Improvement, Along with Extensive Experience in North America, Europe and Asia
Article    pdf

"Velodyne LiDAR Puck Wows Autotech Council Meeting", by Technology Tell, (May 31, 2015)
Wolfgang Juchmann, who promised a smaller, more cost-competitive LIDAR sensor when he presented to the Council a year ago, reportedly kept that promise, brandishing Velodyne's new LiDAR Puck, designated the VLP-16, from his shirt pocket.
Article    pdf

"Caterpillar's Mining Automation Journey", by Cat Mining, (March 30, 2015)
Mining automation has long been a dream for those in the industry. Caterpillar is making it happen in a big way - and continuing it's journey to developing a fully autonomous mine site.

"Meet Zoox, the Robo-Taxi Start-up Taking on Google and Uber", by IEEE Spectrum, (May 2015)
Exclusive details and images of the stealthy startup's experimental vehicle
Article    pdf    Picture

"A first look at Uber's car for self-driving research", by Pittsburgh Business Times, (May 2015)
The Pittsburgh Business Times notes that the device at the very top of the car was rotating, suggesting that it's a LIDAR sensor being used to map the immediate surroundings
Article    pdf    Picture

"Velodyne at 2015 SPAR International", by GISCafe.com, (May 2015)
Sanjay Gangal interviews Wolfgang Juchmann, Director of Sales and Marketing of Velodyne at 2015 SPAR International.

"Ferrari vs. Facebook", by VeloceToday.com, (May 2015)
Why Ferrari will not be beaten by Facebook (but watch out for Apple!)
Article    pdf

"High-tech system scans destruction after Baltimore riots using Velodyne's HDL-32E", by Baltimore Sun, (May 2015)
Engineer Robert Graham mounted a high-tech camera and LiDAR scanners on the rear and roof of a police sport utility, running wires through the windows to his laptop in the front seat.
Article    pdf

"The Reason We Won't Have Autonomous Cars Any Time Soon", by Gizmodo, (May 2015)
Driving a car is easy. Engine on, eyes open, foot on the gas and you're all set. So why is it taking autonomous cars so long to learn?
Article    pdf

"Velodyne's VLP-16 LiDAR Puck Scores for Multiple Mobile Mapping Solutions at ILMF and SPAR Shows", by PRWeb, (May 2015)
With First Integrations from Leading Mapping Vendors, New Multi-Channel Sensor Joins Popular HDL-32E as Mapping Sensor of Choice
Article    pdf    Velodyne LiDAR Puck    Viametris Backpack    Mandli Segway

"Geodetics Teams with Velodyne for Real-Time Mobile Mapping Systems", by Geospatial Solutions, (May 2015)
Geodetics Inc. has teamed up with Silicon Valley's Velodyne Lidar. Velodyne and Geodetics will work on a variety of initiatives to enhance each others technologies and products with the goal of offering a small-size integrated inertial navigation and LiDAR-based mobile mapping payload for UAVs and other autonomous platforms.
Article    pdf

"Puck in Hand, Velodyne LiDAR to Return to sUSB Expo at Fort Mason", by PRWeb, (April 2015)
Juchmann to Present at Small Unmanned Systems Business Exposition, 'The Silicon Valley Drone Show,' on April 30.
Article    pdf    Video    Photo 1    Photo 2    Photo 3

"Year of the Robot", by Ken Greenberg, (April 2015)
Interview with Velodyne's Wolfgang Juchmann about Robotics Applications and Real-Time 3D vision

"Velodyne presents Self-Driving Car, Mobile Mapping and Forestry Management Technology in Humboldt County at Eureka Rotary Club meeting", by KIEM TV, (April 2015)
Recent advances of UAV based Forest and Agriculture Management received great interest during recent presentation by Wolfgang Juchmann in Humboldt County.
Article    pdf

"HYPACK Integrates Velodyne Laser", by Marine Technology News, (March 2015)
HYPACK informs it has recently worked with the Velodyne HDL-32E topographic laser.
Article    pdf

"Sensors: Powerful, Cheaper and Multipurpose", by TU-Automative, (March 2015)
Susan Kuchinskas reports on how a new generation of sensors will make driving safer while making advanced safety systems more prevalent.
Article    pdf

"Frost & Sullivan Honors Velodyne LiDAR with 2015 North American Automotive ADAS Sensors Product Leadership Award", by PRWeb, (March 2015)
Prestigious Analyst Firm Calls VLP-16 Puck 'Right Product at the Right Price'.
Article    pdf

"Velodyne's LiDAR sensors used for Virtual Reality in HypeVR's new movie camera system", by Tonaci, (March 2015)
HypeVR, a live action VR technology company, incorporates LiDAR technology to push live action Virtual Reality to the next level. Imagine being able to lean into a scene with full six degrees of freedom within a full 360 degree live action stereoscopic VR scene.
Post    pdf    Photo 1   Photo 2  

"Laser Scanning Drones: XactSense is First to Fly Velodyne's New Low-Cost LIDAR 'Puck'", by PRWeb, (March 2015)
XactSense inc. has developed a new platform for low-altitude aerial mapping using the newly released Velodyne LiDAR VLP-16 "Puck". Drone LiDAR mapping for the masses is here.
Article    pdf    Photo 1   Photo 2   Photo 3   Video  

"TORC and CSI Collaborate on Autonomous Vehicle Solutions", by Unmanned System Technology, (February 2015)
TORC pulled useful functionality from the semi-autonomous system to make an additional modular enhancement product with different capabilities. The 360 Degree Situational Awareness System, which provides provides full visual coverage around the HUSKY for augmented awareness using cameras and Velodyne's spinning HDL-32E.
Article    pdf

"Which Way for Sensors in Tomorrow's Cars? At Autotech Council, Velodyne Joins Other Industry Leaders in Measuring the Future", by PRWeb, (February 2015)
High-Level Panel Featuring SBD, Texas Instruments, Gestigon and Velodyne Explores Chips, Processors and LiDAR Pucks.
Article    pdf

"Lower-cost lidar is key to self-driving future", by SAE International, (February 2015)
LiDAR could be dismissed as a better light-based form of radar. But that underestimates the radical impact of quickly obtaining detailed distance measurements from a vertical array of spinning lasers sending and receiving a pulse of light more than a million times a second, to form a complete picture of a vehicle's surroundings.
Article    pdf

"The future of driverless cars is being shaped by a modified Land Rover", by Engadget, (February 2015)
There's no single blueprint for building a self-driving car. Certain components have become standard fare, such as Velodyne's laser-powered LiDAR sensors.
Article    pdf    Video

"Mobile medical lane trainer - improving training effectiveness", by Unites States Army Research Lab, (May 2013)
The STTC is currently researching the use of LiDAR to control video cameras, smoke generators, and other simulation assets. The LiDAR will serve as a "simulation director;" Additionally, the LIDAR is able to determine the location of trainees and focus pan-tilt-zoom cameras on them.
Article    pdf    Photos:  Photo 1   Photo 2   Photo 3  

"Boston Dynamics introduces Spot", by Boston Dynamics, (February 9, 2015)
Spot is a four-legged robot designed for indoor and outdoor operation. It is electrically powered and hydraulically actuated. Spot has a 3D multi-channel LiDAR head from Velodyne that helps it navigate and negotiate rough terrain.

"Uber Opening Robotics Research Facility In Pittsburgh To Build Self-Driving Cars", by TechCrunch, (February 2015)
Uber will be developing the core technology, the vehicles, and associated infrastructure at this Pittsburgh facility with help from Carnegie Mellon and NREC personal and Intellectual Properties.
Article    pdf

"TechPodcast Network Interviews Velodyne's LiDAR division at CES", by TechPodcast.com, (January 2015)
Health Tech Weekly's Jamie Davies and Geek News Central's Todd Cochrane interviewed Velodyne LiDAR's Wolfgang Juchmann about the feasibility of LiDAR Puck and the future of driverless vehicles.

"Velodyne Talks LiDAR Puck at CES 2015", by Geek Beat TV, (January 2015)
Cali and Jill talked with Velodyne LiDAR's Wolfgang Juchmann about the LiDAR Puck and hand-held 3D mapping technology.

"What It's Like to Ride the Streets of Silicon Valley in Nissan's Autonomous Electric Car", by Fast Company, (January 2015)
The Japanese Car Giants is Teaching Its Vehicles to Deal with the Most Challenging Road Hazards of All Using Velodyne's HDL-64E LiDAR Sensor.
Article    pdf

"Kitware Demonstrates Object Tracking on Crane with Velodyne LiDAR Sensor", by Kitware, (January 2015)
This video demonstrates tracking an object suspended from a crane using a Velodyne LiDAR sensor and a customized version of the VeloView software.

"Autonomous Cars Will Require a Totally New Kind of Map", by Wired, (December 2014)
Nokia Here uses Velodyne HDL-32E to make HD maps that combine details about roads with information about traffic flow.
Article    pdf    Video

"RoboSimian, NASA/JPL Entry in 2015 DARPA Robotics Challenge, to be Equipped With 3D LiDAR Sensor from Velodyne", by PRWeb (December 2014)
Industry-Leading Sensor to Show the Way Amid Simulated Disasters
Article    pdf    Video 1    Video 2

"President Obama 3D scanning project", by White House, US Government (December 2014)
Smithsonian uses 3D scanners to create bust of President Obama

"PDM's Mobile mapping System is one of the most versatile LiDAR system on the market.", by PDM, Australia (December 2014)
Velodyne's HDL-32E enables delivery of high density point clouds for standard road vehicle, ATV, Train, Boat or Aerial platform.
Article    pdf

"On the Horizon - Velodyne Puck", by BBC Focus TechHub Magazine (November 2014)
The add-on that could make driverless cars affordable

"At Inaugural ASPRS UAS/UAV Mapping Forum in Reno, LiDAR Pioneer Velodyne Demonstrates Lightweight 3D LiDAR Puck Live", by PRWeb (November 2014)
Showcases LiDAR Integrations with XactMaps.com and Phoenix Aerial Systems
Article    pdf

"Velodyne Meets the Millennials: Sharing the Road - and a Potential Career - with Driverless Cars", by PRWeb (November 2014)
At Santa Clara University, Silicon Valley Young Professionals Experience Autonomous Vehicle's Eye View
Article    pdf

"Velodyne 3D LiDAR Sensor Enables M.I.T./Olin to Finish First at Maritime RobotX in Singapore; Embry-Riddle Takes Fourth", by PRWeb (November 2014)
HDL-32E Sensor Guides the Way Toward Win in First-Ever Global Event
Article    pdf

"Velodyne LiDAR to Provide HDL-32E Sensor for Bing Maps Imagery", by SPAR Point Group (October 2014)
Real-Time Sensor to be Incorporated on Microsoft's Bing Maps Vehicles.
Article    pdf

"Phoenix Aerial Introduces Low Cost UAV LiDAR System", by PRWeb (October 2014)
Phoenix Aerial Systems introduces two game changing UAV LiDAR products: the Scout, a lightweight low-cost mapping system using Velodyne's LiDAR Puck, and the Ranger, a survey grade long range system featuring the Riegl VUX-1 sensor.
Article    pdf

"Velodyne's HDL-32E 3D LiDAR Sensor 'Spins' on Multiple Mobile Mapping Systems at InterGEO in Berlin", by PRWeb (October 2014)
Real-time 3D LiDAR is Sensor of Choice at Major International GIS and Mapping Conference.
Article    pdf

"Topcon announces next generation 3-D mobile mapping system", by Topcon Positioning Systems (October 2014)
The fully integrated high-density digital imaging system is more compact, lightweight, and designed to scan at a rate up to five times faster than previous models using Velodyne's HDL-32E LiDAR scanner.
Article    pdf

"Will driverless cars ever look normal?", by Mojo Motors Blog (October 2014)
Velodyne's new LiDAR Puck offers a step into that direction.
Article    pdf

"At RoboBusiness, Velodyne Teams with QinetiQ North America to Showcase New VLP-16 LiDAR Puck on TALON Robot", by PRWeb (October 2014)
Affordable, Next-Gen 3D LiDAR Sensor to Make Public Debut at Boston Event.
Article    pdf

"New 3D Mobile Mapping Technology to Revolutionise Surveying", by American Surveyor (October 2014)
The Routescene LidarPod is a robustly engineered, high specification and high accuracy, lightweight, self contained system which uses Velodyne LiDAR technology to provide rapid 3D data collection and automated processing.
Article    pdf

"How to turn your ordinary vehicle into a self-driving car", by Fox Business (October 2014)
Velodyne LiDAR Director of Sales and Marketing Wolfgang Juchmann on the company and how its 'Puck' device can help turn an ordinary vehicle into a self-driving car.

"This Palm-Sized Laser Could Make Self-Driving Cars Way Cheaper", by Wired (September 2014)
Velodyne's Lidar "Puck" costs just $7,999 and could make self-driving cars cheaper.
Article    pdf

"LiDAR USA announces Velodyne VLP-16 Pre-Order", by LiDAR USA (September 2014)
Velodyne Pucks ground breaking size, performance and price make it perfect choice for Snoopy
Article    pdf

"Velodyne's Martini 1.5 self-stabilizing boat on the Discovery Channel", by Discovery Channel (September 2014)

"ITS World Congress Technology Showcase", by Wards Auto (September 2014)
Velodyne Lidar Technology on Nokia Here Map collection, GM's ENV2 and Darpa Urban Challenge vehicles.
Article    pdf    Photos:  EN-V 2.0 (1)   EN-V 2.0 (2)   EN-V 2.0 (3)   Chevy Tahoe   HERE (1)   HERE (2)  

"Sensor cuts self-driving car costs", by Automotive News (September 2014)
Velodyne demonstrates that the supply chain for autonomous vehicles is rapidly maturing and chipping away at the cost of putting the technology into a production car.
Article    pdf

"GM to unveil new automated driving technology at ITS World Congress", by Automotive Business Review (September 2014)
Chevrolet Electric Networked Vehicle (EN-V2) features Velodyne's LiDAR and vehicle-to-vehicle infrastructure.
Article    pdf

"Velodyne Announces $7,999 'Puck' LiDAR Sensor", by SPAR Point Group (September 2014)
This makes it, as the press release states, "substantially smaller and significantly less expensive than previous generation sensors."
Article    pdf

"How Google's self-driving cars detect and avoid obstacles", by Extreme Tech (September 2014)
Google's driverless car tech uses an array of detection technologies including sonar devices, stereo cameras, radar and Velodyne's LiDAR.
Article    pdf

"Vehicle Vision Puts the 'Auto' in 'Automobile'", by Photonics Spectra (September 2014)
Velodyne's LiDAR system enables self-driving cars to automatically park, maintain speed and prevent collisions.
Article    pdf

"Breaking Through the Price Barrier for LiDAR Sensors, Velodyne Introduces 3D Real-Time 'LiDAR Puck' at $7,999", by LiDAR News (September 2014)
Affordable, Next-Gen Sensor Seen Fueling Robotics, UAV and Automation Markets
Article    pdf

"Thermal Imaging Technology Pioneer Essess Taps Velodyne's 3D LiDAR Sensor to Map - and Curb - Energy Loss", by PRWeb (August 2014)
Drive-by Capability Delivers Massive Amounts of Data, Big Cost Savings
Article    pdf    Photos:  Thermal Image    3D-Thermal Sensor    Collection Rig

"Velodyne: A Case Study in Open-Source Solutions", by Brad Davis, Casey Goodlett, Wolfgang Juchmann (August 2014)
Kitware helped Velodyne to develop a custom visualization and analysis application
Article    pdf

"Velodyne's Robot Boat Turns Heads on San Francisco Bay", by ABC 7 News (July 2014)
Build by the same people who make the spinning laser atop Google's self-driving car.
Article    Video    pdf

"Phoenix Aerial Systems Proudly Announces a New Class of LiDAR Mapping Technology", by PRWeb (July 2014)
Introducing the Phoenix AL2, the world's first survey-grade LiDAR system for small unmanned aerial vehicles.
Article    Video    pdf

"Velodyne's 3D LiDAR Sensor Enables Embry-Riddle Boat to Take First Place in International Roboboat Competition", by PRWeb (July 2014)
HDL-32E Sensor Guides the Way Toward Win in Maritime Event
Article    pdf

"See what it's like to go off-road inside the Marines' self-driving vehicle", by The Verge (July 2014)
Velodyne's HDL-32E allows Marines to use self-driving GUSS vehicle to keep soldiers out of harms way.
Article    pdf    Videos:   GUSS    Inside View    USMC Unmanned Vehicle    Robotics Rodeo

"Meet UAV's Little Brother: The Unmanned Military Convoy", by Fast Company (July 2014)
When you think of self-driving vehicles, you probably think of Google, Audi, and Daimler and of course Velodyne's real-time LiDAR sensors.
Article    Video    pdf

"SBG Systems Inertial Sensor Selected by Headwall for a Full-Featured UAV-Based Remote Sensing Solution", by SBG Systems (July 2014)
The UAV is a multi-rotor UAV (four wings with two props per wing). It carries Headwall's lightweight Micro-Hyperspec VNIR hyperspectral sensor and a Velodyne LiDAR unit.
Article    Video    pdf

"Velodyne Debuts New LiDAR Sensor", by LiDAR News (July 2014)
Velodyne showed what it is calling the "LiDAR Puck (VLP-16)" for the first time at AVUSI Automated Vehicles Symposium in San Francisco.
Article    pdf

"UAVs Are Coming. Are You Ready?" by GEO Informatics (July 2014)
While the UAV boom might have started with some hobbyists flying the latest generation of UAVs, the level of sophistication is increasing rapidly in this brisk new market, argues Wolfgang Juchmann.
Article    pdf    Videos:   Phoenix-Aerial    Headwall    XactMaps    LidarUSA    Routescene

"Velodyne LiDAR, Leader in Autonomous Vehicle Technology, To Be Featured in Back-to-Back Events in S.F. Bay Area", by PRWeb (July 2014)
CEO David Hall Joins Panelists During Robotics Conference at UC Berkeley July 13; At AUVSI Symposium Near SFO, Velodyne Team to Demonstrate LiDAR Vehicle
Article    pdf

"Velodyne Names Operations Head George Ross General Manager as Part of Corporate Reorganization", by StreetInsider.com (July 2014)
Diversified technology innovator Velodyne Acoustics, Inc. today announced a strategic reorganization, naming LiDAR Director of Manufacturing George Ross to the new post of General Manager.
Article    pdf

"What Will a Self-Driving Future Look Like? At CE Week Connected Car Conference, Velodyne LiDAR Offers Its View From the Top (of the Car)", by PRWeb (June 2014)
On Industry Panel, Velodyne's Wolfgang Juchmann, Ph.D. Assesses Momentum Behind Autonomous Vehicle Movement
Article    pdf    Video

"Velodyne LiDAR Shines at Paris Defense Event, Demonstrating 3D Sensor in Security, Autonomous Driving, UAV Applications", by Virtual-Strategy Magazine (June 2014)
At Eurosatory 2014, Company Showcases Global Reach, Displays Offerings with Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, Velodyne, and Others
Article    pdf

"Phoenix Aerial System introduces AL2; Airborne LiDAR on gasoline powered UAV Helicopter", by Phoenix Aerial System (June 2014)
Velodyne's HDL-32E goes to the sky's on Phoenix Aerial's next generation mobile mapping system.
Website    Video

"At Boston Consulting Group Worldwide Officers Meeting,Velodyne LiDAR Emerges as King of the Road", by PRWeb (June 2014)
Pioneer in Autonomous Vehicle Technology Continues to Define 'New Driving Experience'.
Article    pdf

"What's the buzz?", by LiDAR News (June 2014)
LidarUSA flys helicopter equipped with Snoopy and Velodyne's lightweight HDL-32E.
Article    pdf

"Google's Next Phase in Driverless Cars", by New York Times (May 2014)
Velodyne's HDL-64E on Googles next generation driverless car without Steering Wheel or Brake Pedals.
Article    pdf    Video

"Velodyne in the Driver's Seat at Computer History Museum Exhibit on Autonomous Vehicles", by Robotics Tomorrow (May 2014)
Industry Pioneer David Hall Keeps His LiDAR Eyes on the Road; Exhibit Coincides with Rollout of Google's Latest LiDAR-Equipped Self-Driving Car.
Article    pdf

"Velodyne to Showcase Industry-Leading LiDAR Sensors at AUVSI Unmanned Systems in Orlando", by American Surveyor (May 2014)
Industry Pioneer to Host Demos from UAV Solution Providers Phoenix Aerial Systems and LiDAR USA.
Article    pdf

"Velodyne Announces VeloView 2.0, Next Version of Visualization and Recording Software for LiDAR Sensors", by PRWeb (April 2014)
VeloView 2.0 to Debut at SPAR in Colorado Springs, April 13-17; Enhances Features Related to Positioning, Remains Free and Open-Source.
Article    pdf    Video

"Embry Riddle Aeronautical University preparing for Maritime RobotX challenge in Singapore 2014", ERAU (March 2014)
Watch Embry Riddle's team get ready using Velodyne's HDL-32E for object detection and collision avoidance.

"Why HERE mapping cars are basically cyborgs", by Ian Delaney from HERE INSIGHTS (March 2014)
"We found that it worked with the Velodyne HDL32 Lidar out of the box," says Michael with satisfaction. "It was a completely new sensor for us, but there was already community software in place to help integrate it into our collection system."
Article    Picture    pdf

"Velodyne LiDAR Technology Achieves Breakthrough in Mobile Mapping; 'Calibrated Reflectivies' Capability Enables Significant Cost Savings", PR-Web (March 2014)
Enhancements results in fleet-sized order from leading map provider.
Article    Picture    pdf

"Ford's Smooth-Driving Autonomous Research Car", IEEE Spectrum by Lucas Laursen (February 2014)
Ford's first autonomous research vehicles, with protruding Velodyne sensors displayed at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.
Article    pdf

"XactMaps Debuts World's First GPS-Free UAV Aerial LIDAR Surveying And Mapping System", PRweb by Andy Trench, XactMaps (February 2014)
No GPS? No Problem!
Article    Video 1    Video 2    pdf

"Urban planning in Hungary using Velodyne laser scanning technologies", by MTA SZTAKI of DEVA & GMCV Laboratories (March 2013)
Article    Video    pdf

"Tencent hits the road (and goes off the beaten path) to create China's biggest street view", Tech in Asia, by Steven Millward (January 2014)
Tencent's street view imagery, using Velodyne's HDL-32E, is now the most comprehensive in China
Article    pdf

"Lockheed's Robotic Trucks Pass Real-World Military Convoy Test," Spectrum IEEE by Evan Ackerman (February 2014)
The trucks are autonomous; the Humvees are not. The trucks are negotiating dirt roads at speed in a convoy such that for the trucks in the back, there's a bunch of dust in the air, which makes the autonomous navigation more impressive, especially at dusk. They seem to have no problem being passed by manned vehicles.
Article    Video    pdf

"'Got Time?' Lidar News by Jeff Fagerman", LidarUSA (January, 2014)
How to build a "Snoopy" mobile mapping system with Velodyne's HDL-32E and a STIM300 INS.
Article    pdf

"2014 Detroit Auto Show: Laser Sensing for Autonomous Driving", MotorTrend, Detroit (January, 2014)
Your self-driving car will "see" the world like a not-so-blind bat with Velodyne's HDL-32E.
Article    pdf

"Ford Reveals Automated Fusion Hybrid Research Vehicle", Ford Motor Company, Detroit (December, 2013)
Ford's Automated Fusion Hybrid Research Vehicles was introduced live on stage with 4x spinning Velodyne HDL-32E's.
Article    Video 1    Video 2    Video 3    Video 4    Video 5    pdf

"Velodyne LiDAR Technology Wins Big in China 'Future Challenge'", PRweb (November, 2013)
Top eight finishers in 23km road test rely on company's 3D LiDAR sensors to guide their intelligent vehicles.
Article    pdf

"Mobile Mapping the Landscape", LiDAR NEWS by Richard Rybka (November, 2013)
Landscape mandatory tasks can be efficiently performed using a mobile mapping system like Topcon Positioning Systems' (Topcon) IP-S2 HD with Velodyne's HDL-64E.
Article    pdf

"Air Force Research Lab uses TORC's Robotit Conversion Kits for Robotic Assault-Zone Survey Vehicle", Robotics Tomorrow (November, 2013)
In an effort to reduce those risks and benefit from faster, more accurate data collection, AFRL sought out to develop the Robotic Assault Zone Terminal Evaluation Kit (RAZTEK), an autonomous robotic system capable of surveying expedient runways.
Article    pdf

"Top Gear Video of Range Rover vs Oshkosh's Self-Driving TerraMax", Top Gear (October, 2013)
Velodyne's HDL-64E on top of TerraMax races against James May from TopGear

"Velodyne to Showcase Crash Avoidance Driving Technology in U.S. Department of Transportation Webinar", Robotics Tomorrow (October, 2013)
Fender-benders a thing of the past? Juchmann to Discuss Potential of Intelligent Transportation Systems Powered by LiDAR Technology
Article    Presentation    pdf

"At RoboBusiness, Velodyne to Share Insights on Future of Real-Time, 3D Vision for Robots", PR-Web (October, 2013)
LiDAR Division to Demo State-of-the-Art Vision Technology for Robotic Applications, Showcasing VeloView -- Free Open Source Visualization and Recording Software
Article    Presentation    pdf

"Velodyne and Kitware release next generation open-source software VeloView", Lidar News by Gene Roe (Sept 25, 2013)
VeloView empowers real-time, 3D visualization of LiDAR data from Velodyne's HDL sensors and is built on Kitware's ParaView technology and underlying Visualization Toolkit (VTK)
Article    Video    pdf    Download

"Inside Google's Quest to Popularize Self-Driving Cars", Popular Science by Adam Fisher (Sept 18, 2013)
Robots can already outdrive humans. Now everyone needs to get out of their way.
Article    Video    pdf

"Velodyne presents LiDAR for UAV's at GeoMeetup in San Francisco", GeoMeetup/SlidesLive (August 23, 2013)
Velodyne's Director of Sales & Marketing, Wolfgang Juchmann presents Velodyne's unique real-time, 3D LiDAR sensors popular for Mobile Mapping mounted on terrestrial, maritime and airborne platforms.

"Nokia Here collection vehicle v2.0 ride-along (video)", engadget.com by Myriam Joire (August 22, 2013)
Nokia showcases their second generation HERE maps services with updated cameras and Velodyne's HDL-32E LiDAR sensor.
Article    Video    pdf

"Phoenix Aerial Systems Develops Worlds Smallest Commercial Unmanned Aerial LiDAR Platform", PR-Web, Phoenix Aerial System (August 1, 2013)
Phoenix Aerial Systems successfully demonstrates UAV LiDAR technology using Velodyne's HDL-32E by scanning the SD Chargers Football Stadium.
Article    Video    pdf

"Velodyne Presents Successful Implementation of HDL-32E LiDAR on UAV at sUSB Expo in San Francisco" PR-Web (July 25, 2013)
Velodyne showcases 3D LiDAR sensors during the Small Unmanned Systems Business Exposition (sUSB Expo) on Friday July 26, 2013.
Article    Video    pdf

"Daddy, What Was a Truck Driver?" Wall Street Journal, By Dennis K. Bergman (July 24, 2013)
Over the Next Two Decades, the Machines Themselves Will Take Over the Driving
Article    pdf

"Bosch Automated Driving" Driverless Car Summit 2013, Detroit by Jan Becker (June, 2013)
Bosch is developing technologies for an intelligent forward thinking vehicle -- making the vision of injury and accident free driving reality.

"People tracking with lasers" Industrial Laser Solutions by Ron Schaeffer (May 13, 2013)
There were many interesting booths, but one in particular really caught my eye: Velodyne LiDA. Velodyne is focused on LIDAR-based People Tracking. Walking past the booth, I noticed on a giant LCD screen that a camera seemed to follow me while walking by, and a warning light illuminated when I stepped into a zone marked "secure" on the computer screen.
Article    pdf

"Velodyne LiDAR Features Newest HDL32 Sensor During SPAR International in Colorado Springs" PR-Web (April 01, 2013)
Velodyne Acoustics Inc. announced today that they will showcase their most recent HDL32 high-definition LiDAR sensor featuring calibrated reflectivities and including an easy-to-use WebServer based GUI allowing for the first time to set and monitor critical parameters during live operation.
Article    pdf

"Caterpillar shows fully autonomous solution for hauling using Velodyne HDL64" CAT via YouTube (Feb 1, 2013)
A fully-autonomous solution, Command for hauling takes advantage of the most sophisticated perception and on-board intelligence technologies available, enabling Cat mining haul trucks to work safely and productively without human operators.
Article    Video

"Driverless Cars Make Inroads in Military" AUVSI Unmanned Vehicles, Mission Critical (May, 2013)
Self-driving cars is a special topic for Mission Critical magazine. Now in its third year of covering commercial robotics topics, Mission Critical's very first issue tackled the emerging field of driverless vehicles.
Article    pdf

"Ghost in the Machine" LiDAR News by Ray Mandli (April 15, 2013)
Automating Methodologies for Advanced Asset Management
Article    pdf

"LIDAR: THE NEXT BIG THING?" Boating Magazine by Jim Hendricks (April 17, 2013)
We've all heard of marine electronics such as GPS, sonar and radar, but there might be a new super-navigational technology on the horizon for boaters: Velodyne's real-time LiDAR sensors.
Article    pdf

"Driving Over the Freaky Line" Forbes by Shel Israel (April 23, 2013)
Extracts from a book by Shel Israel and Robert Scoble called Ages of Context including in chapter #4 self-driving cars and Velodyne's HDL64.
Article    pdf

"Velodyne to Attend SPIE Defense and Security Conference, Demonstrating Advantages of Real-Time 3D LiDAR" PR-WEB (April 24, 2013)
Velodyne will exhibit at the SPIE Defense and Security Conference, giving a live technology demonstration of real-time 3D LiDAR for security and surveillance purposes.
Article    pdf

"At SPAR International, Velodyne Features the HDL64 mounted on a Demonstration Lexus, plus its Newest HDL32 sensor" Wall Street Journal (April 18, 2013)
Velodyne LiDAR, the leading developer of real-time 3D LiDAR sensor technology, showcased its newest HDL32 sensor at SPAR International.
Article    pdf

"LSA Autonomy's announces Autonomous Security and Surveillance Platform (ASSP) using HDL64" LSA Autonomy Webpage (April 17, 2013)
LSA Autonomy's Autonomous Security and Surveillance Platform (ASSP) provides on-road and off-road autonomous mobility for a user selected payload. The system pictured is integrated onto a Polaris Ranger and utilized by the US Army Product Manager, Force Protection Systems to compliment base security forces
Article    pdf

"Nice impact from Nokia earthmine acquisition" Stephen Elop, CEO Nokia on Twitter (April 2, 2013)
John Ristevski to see Nokia's new HERE cars for 3D mapping
Article    pdf

"Velodyne Marine at International Boat Show in Miami" Yachts International Magazine, Marilyn DeMartini (March 18, 2013)
For most exhibitors, the Miami International Boat Show offers a venue to showcase their most beautiful and fantastic new products... However, Dave Hall of Silicon Valley's Velodyne Marine came with a different goal in mind when he brought his shock-mitigating "Martini 1.5" to Miami..
Article    pdf

"Clearpath Robotics Announces Grizzly Robotic Utility Vehicle" ieee-spectrum inside technology, Evan Ackerman (March 26, 2013)
Meet the Grizzly, Clearpath Robotics' latest serious research platform. It's big, it's scary, and if you get in its way, it'll crush you like a bug. Or, you know, like some puny little lesser unmanned ground robot.
Article    Video    pdf

"Velodyne LiDAR Presents Trending Technologies at NACSA Seminar Series" PRWEB (March 25, 2013)
Velodyne LiDAR demonstrates the use of LiDAR applications in 3-D mapping, autonomous driving and surveillance/security at NACSA's "Beyond Semiconductor: The New Trend of Technology."
Article    pdf

"Velodyne's LiDAR division doubles production capacity to meet demand" SFGate (March 11, 2013)
Velodyne increases LiDAR production due to recent multi-million dollar order from an international mapping customer as well as an heightened interest in autonomous vehicles, security, and traditional laser scanning.
Article    pdf

"KiwiViewer v2.0 with Velodyne LiDAR data available now in the App Store" Kitware Blog by Pat Marion (March 6, 2013)
KiwiViewer v.2.0 is a 3D Graphics viewing tool that allows to show point clouds on your iPhone and iPad. You can "play" LiDAR data driving on Old Monterey Highway through Downtown Morgan Hill, CA and you can zoom and rotate the viewers point of view, while recognizing speed limit signage, retro-reflectors, buildings and other cars driving alongside you. (Data has been limited to 100feet distance due to file size limitations, our sensors can see up to 300feet).
Article    Video    pdf

"The Balloon and the Lidar" 2012 UNAVCO Science Workshop: Ben Brooks (March 2012)
Veldoyne's HDL32 used for flying a balloon over the Sacramento Delta.
Article    Video

"LIDAR meets Octacopter Concept Rig at International LiDAR and Mapping Forum (ILMF)" Flite Test Magazine by Tregtronics (February 17, 2013)
Hooked up a live LIDAR sensor on to Phoenix Aerial Media's Octacopter, and Tregtronics delivered quite a show as promised. This is a true "4D sensor for a Dynamic World".
Article    Video    pdf

"The Internship Movie" Twentieth Fox Century (February 15, 2013)
The official Internship trailer. In Theaters June 7, 2013. Watch Google's Self Driving Car at 0.53s - 0.54s with Velodyne's HDL64 High Definition LiDAR sensor spinning.

"Velodyne Lidar vision sensor system for the Google Self-driving car" ARMdevices.net (January 21, 2013)
This Velodyne Lidar rotating sensor measures the environment in 360 degrees around the vehicle to detect the clear path and to detect all the obstacles while in motion on the road. Uses 64 lasers spinning, they can see everything that is in-front, on the side and behind the vehicle in real-time.
Article    Video

"Toyota to Discuss Autonomous Vehicles at 2013 CES" AutoGuide.com (December 20, 2012)
Toyota will reveal an advanced active safety research vehicle at the upcoming 2013 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas using Velodyne's HDL64.
Article    pdf

"Nokia, Navteq show us how a map is made" CNET (November 15, 2012)
We take a spin in the True mapping car, which is used to collect the data that powers Nokia Maps 3.0 on the all-new Lumia 822. Including a very nice video describing the vehicle with the cameras and Velodyne's High-Definition Lidar HDL64.
Article    Video    pdf

"PCL-VLCS kickstart!" PointCloud Library / OpenPerception.org (November 6, 2012)
PCL-VLCS is ready to start! The sprint will cover a Plug-n-Play interface for the Velodyne HDL series to make these sensors much easier to use and the high-density point clouds easily accessible by developers.
Article    pdf

"LiDAR USA Announces First Canadian Sale" The American Surveyor (November 1, 2012)
LiDAR USA announces in late October that SCANLOOK using VELODYNE's HDL32 has been delivered to its first Canadian customer.
Article    pdf

"How an Autonomous Car Gets Around" The New York Times (October 26, 2012)
Self-driving cars that are under development will rely on a number of sensors and other digital devices, many of which are already being used for safety and convenience features.
Article    pdf

"Oshkosh Demons TerraMax UGV Capabilities for Marine Corps Leadership" ASD News (October 22, 2012)
Oshkosh Defense, a division of Oshkosh Corporation (NYSE:OSK), recently demonstrated its TerraMax unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) technology for Brig.
Article    pdf

"3D Mapping, adding a Dimension to a Flat World" Tactical ISR Technology (October 2012 Volume 2, Issue 5, p25)
Article    pdf

"RUAG Presents Two Unmanned Ground Vehicle Projects at M-ELROB" Unmanned System Technology (September 25, 2012)
Article    pdf

"Velodyne augments executive management, lands Caterpillar deal" Spar Point Group (September 4, 2012)
New Velodyne GM Woods discusses view of the market.
Article    pdf

"Intelligent, autonomous robots set to change combat landscape" Stars and Stripes (August 9, 2012)
Sensors and cameras are seen atop two autonomous, unmanned Cargo UGV trucks that are part of a larger convoy that also includes human-driven vehicles in a test of robotic systems at Fort Pickett, Va., on July 30, 2012.
Article    Video    pdf

"Velodyne's LiDAR Division Announces Agreement With Caterpillar for Laser Imaging Technology" Virtual Strategy Magazine (August 7, 2012)
Caterpillar and the LiDAR Division of Velodyne Acoustics, Inc., have announced an agreement that allows Caterpillar exclusive rights of use and manufacturer for Velodyne's patented HDL-64 LiDAR-sensing system, which incorporates proprietary laser-imaging technology, that will be used for off-road vehicles, in the areas of mining, construction, quarry and aggregate, earth-moving, and worksite planning when used on any vehicle designed for those markets.
Article    pdf

"TORC Robotics Wins JIEDDO Endurance Challenge at Robotics Rodeo" TORC Robotics (July 16, 2012)
TORC Robotics announced today that the Ground Unmanned Support Surrogate (GUSS) autonomous vehicle received first place in the Joint IED Defeat Organization's (JIEDDO) 2012 Counter-IED Robotics Endurance Challenge, Mounted-Support Category.
Article    Video    pdf

"MIT designs "intelligent" co-pilot for cars" TG-Daily (July 16, 2012)
MIT engineers have developed a semi-autonomous vehicle safety system that takes over if the driver does something stupid.
Article    pdf

"Tele-operated Lunar Rover Navigation using Velodyne LiDAR" NASA Ames, Intelligent Systems Division, Publications (June, 2012)
We have developed a stand-alone modular LIDAR based safeguarded tele-operation system of hardware, middleware, navigation software and user interface.
Article    pdf

"Nevada Approves License for Google's Self-Driving Car" PC Magazine (May, 2012)
Google has become the first company to receive a license to test its self-driving car on public roads, the Nevada DMV said Monday.
Article    pdf

"'Eyes' of Google's Self-Driving Car May Bust Crooks" PC Magazine (April, 2012)
The laser "eyes" that control Google's self-driving cars will eventually be used as the unblinking eyes of a future security camera, its creators at Velodyne say.
Article    pdf

"How Google's Self-Driving Car Works." IEEE Spectrum Magazine (October, 2011)
Once a secret project, Google's autonomous vehicles are now out in the open, quite literally, with the company test-driving them on public roads.
Article    pdf

"Robots Drive, Swarm, Jump into Smithsonian Collection." Voice of America (May, 2011)
Reporter Rosanne Skirble discusses the robot collection at the National Museum of American History in Washington.
Article    pdf

"Smithsonian Adds to Robotics Collection." National Museum of American History (April, 2011)
The Smithsonian's National Museum of American History accepted donations relating to the development of autonomous mobile robots from Velodyne.
Press release

"Cars that drive themselves." Mobile Magazine (October, 2010)
CEO David Hall talks about his LiDAR invention.

"Google Cars Drive Themselves, in Traffic." The New York Times (October, 2010)
Google research program deploys autonomous cars.

"Velodyne HDL-32E LiDAR Sensor." Engineering TV (September, 2010)
President Bruce Hall introduces the HDL-32E at the 2010 AUVSI show.

"Customer Driven Mobile Laser Scanner." LiDAR News (September, 2010)
Velodyne President Bruce Hall provides an overview of the HDL-32E for Engineering TV.

"Topcon Announces IP-S2 HD Mapping System." Topcon (July, 2010)
Topcon announced the ISP-S2 HD Mapping System - a vehicle-mounted surveying and mapping system featuring the HDL-64E.
Press release

"HDL-64E Product Demonstration." SciVestor (December, 2008)
Bruce Hall, President of Velodyne, demonstrated the HDL-64E in operation and explained the internal design.

"Velodyne LIDAR." Engineering TV (October, 2008)
Leland Teschler, editor at Machine Design Magazine, interviewed Mike Dunbar at the Convergence show held October 20-22, 2008 in Detroit.

"Mobile Mapping and Data Collection." Michael Dunbar and Michael Neuman, GEOconnexion (April, 2008)
"Real world conditions like these prove that the HDL-64E is not a delicate laboratory piece of equipment, but a real world product ready for use."

"The Next Step." Paul F. Grayson, Control Engineering (January, 2008)
"One of the greatest assets of the HDL-64E is its potential for increasing the safety of surveyors."

"Velodyne Pres talks Mobile Sensing." Ray Renteria, Robot Central (November, 2007)
"Adoption of a technology that can give them a structured view of the world around their robot obviously seems too compelling to resist, considering the adoption rates of Velodyne’s LIDAR within the DARPA Urban Challenge ecosystem..."

"Building the Best Driverless Robot Car." Lev Grossman, Time Magazine (November, 2007)
"A lot of new technology was on display in Victorville, but the DARPA challenge also demonstrated a new way of developing technology. You could call it the open-sourcing of R&D, or maybe the American Idol-izing of it..."

"Spot the Sensor." Mark Cummins, Educating Silicon (November, 2007)
"New kid on the block for the Urban Challenge, the Velodyne scanner is conspicuously popular this year. It’s used by 12 of the 36 semi-finalists, including most of top teams..."

"Robots, start your engines." Tom Abate, San Francisco Chronicle (November, 2007)
"In this sensor competition, the clear winner was Velodyne, a Morgan Hill company run by brothers David and Bruce Hall..."

"DARPA race pushes robotics forward." Stefanie Olsen, CNET News (November, 2007)
"...many more winners emerged from the event than just the obvious. Velodyne, for example, developed a high-powered spinning laser, called a lidar.."

"Spinning laser maker is the real winner of the Urban Challenge." Humphrey Cheung, TG Daily (November, 2007)
"Getting first place in a car race is great, but imagine finishing in 1st, 2nd and 4th places. No, it’s not impossible because at last Saturday’s DARPA Urban Challenge, Velodyne did just that..."

"DARPA Urban Challenge Yields its first Commercial-Grade Innovation." Ray Renteria, Robot Central (October, 2007)
"In 2004 the guys from Velodyne who make subwoofers entered a robot into the 2004 DARPA Grand Challenge under the name of Team DAD (Digital Auto Drive)..."

"Engines of change." John Rendleman, Government Computer News (August, 2007)
"In response to those limitations, David Hall, an avid inventor, created his own Lidar scanner consisting of an assembly of 64 lasers spinning at 300 to 900 rotations per second capable of detecting objects anywhere in a 360-degree horizontal field..."

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