David Hall, Founder & CEO

David Hall, founder and CEO, is the technology visionary behind Velodyne Acoustics, Inc. Hall built his first amplifier at the age of four and has been developing groundbreaking products ever since. In 1983, he introduced a revolutionary technology in subwoofer design, which served as the driving force behind the ULD-18. It incorporated a patented, accelerometer-based High Gain Servo System to control woofer cone movement. The ULD series was the first of many acclaimed subwoofer series over the past 30 years. Hall is equally comfortable writing computer code as he is at working in a machine shop.
Hall has continued his role as visionary, working tirelessly to bring his creative ideas to life. In addition to audio technology, he continues to pioneer the laser imaging space that many of the autonomous vehicles use today. He is currently developing self-stabilizing marine technology.
Hall graduated from Case Western Reserve University with B.S. in engineering. He is the father of three children and still enjoys a love for cycling and motorcycles. Hall continues to hold the world runner-up robot war championship title.



Marta Thoma Hall, President

Marta Thoma Hall has held the position of President of Velodyne since 2011. She brings a passion for art and design that has been honed over the years through her many celebrated public art installations, solo fine art exhibitions, and awards. As a nationally recognized public artist, her sculptures can be viewed in cities and towns across the country. Hall has managed her own art business for thirty years and her work has taken her to New York, London, South America, and Asia.

In her role at Velodyne, Hall oversees the design and development of audio products as the company expands into new markets. She has brought her aesthetic and love of fine art to Velodyne’s celebrated and legendary audio technology.

Hall graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a B.A. in fine arts. She learned extensively about economics from her father, who was a Professor of Economics at the University of Tehran.




George Ross, General Manager

George Ross is General Manager for Velodyne's LiDAR and Audio division. He is responsible for controlling all operations including the supervision of the manufacturing, production scheduling, purchasing, cost control, efficiencies and quality control of the company. As an integral member of Velodyne’s management team, Ross is overseeing the design and deployment of a 3,100 square foot clean room along with doubling the manufacturing staff.

With over 25 years of management experience, Ross has strong expertise in operational scale-up, quality control, tooling and fixtures, and materials flow for high-precision devices. He also has a track record for driving product refinement through customer feedback and sustained process refinement. Most recently Ross worked as director of manufacturing at St. Jude Medical. Prior to this, Ross held the title of director of manufacturing at SurgRx.





Wolfgang Juchmann, Ph.D., Director of Sales & Marketing

Wolfgang Juchmann has more than 14 years of international experience in technical sales, product management, and marketing of industrial lasers and optical products for a variety of applications. The combination of Juchmann’s technical background, commercial experiences, and his passion for customer satisfaction are unique factors that enable him to profitably lead new product developments for Velodyne's LiDAR division as well as manage existing product portfolios with an intimate awareness for the customer's expectations.

Juchmann started his international career as a Technical Sales Engineer with SCANLAB AG, Munich, Germany promoting high speed galvanometer scanners for laser-based applications, where laser beams need to be focused and deflected at highest speeds.

In 2001, Juchmann moved to Mountain View, CA and accepted the position of Product Manager for Spectra-Physics with responsibilities for their Diode-Pumped Solid State lasers which is used in semi-conductor and electronics manufacturing. In 2009, he took on new responsibilities with Coherent, Inc. in Santa Clara as Senior Product Manager for the Direct Diode and Fiber Systems Business Unit. In this role, he managed a $12M product portfolio including lasers up to 8kW of laser power for laser heat treatment and laser cladding, an application lab, and was responsible for new business development.

Juchmann earned his Ph.D. in Laser Spectroscopy of combustion flames and thin-film deposition plasmas from the University of Heidelberg, Germany. He currently resides in Mountain View, CA with his wife and enjoys watching his new son grow.


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